Travel Trends to Follow in 2021


Travel Trends to Follow in 2021

Posted By: Admin 13 Mar, 2021

Every industry has innovations and trends, and the tourism industry is no exception here. New trends are arising and taking hold all the time. Shifting social mores, advances in technology, and changing demographics are the important influences that give rise to new tourism trends. The beginning of a new decade offers the best opportunity for travellers to embrace the new travel fads. The travel industry nowadays has become more inquisitive, sustainable, and technologically-advanced. Here we have compiled a list of some popular travel tends of 2021.

  • Food is priority

Do you ever face a problem in getting a table in your favourite restaurant? If yes, then sharpen your elbows as travellers now put their palate at the forefront while choosing their holiday destination.  For most visitors, travel destination depends on where they can get a table for dinner with their loved ones. This is happening due to the growing interest in eateries on online recommendations and social media. You don’t have to fight for getting a seat in big-name restaurants only, as most travellers prefer to try cultural dishes in local restaurants of the destination.

  • Slow down

Are you one of those persons who always search for the next destination while on vacation? If yes, then its time for you to slow down. 48% (almost half of travellers) trying to take a slower mode of transportation to reach their final destination. It not only helps in reducing the harmful impact on the environment, but also you have more time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Everyone in 2021 prefers to take a longer route during the journey to make the most of it. You have plenty of options to choose from like trams, peddle bikes, etc. Slow down the way you see the world and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

  • Luxury bunks

If you are travelling with your friends and family, then opt for luxury bunks, which is a new trend. Twin beds have become too mainstream. Life House is an innovation in beds which was launched earlier and three hotels in Miami have this. Hilton’s new setting will be like single bunks over two double beds, while you can find Bunks at Freehand, Ace, Moxy, and Jo & Joe, as well as Palihotel in Seattle and Siren in Detroit.

  • Priority pet

Always wanted to take your furry friend with you on a trip but been scared by the hectic process? Well, 2021 encourages pet-centric vacations like never before. No one wants to leave pets at home while on holiday. As per some reports, 49% of travellers are ready to pay extra if they get pet-friendly accommodations. 42% of travellers try to choose the destination where they can take their pets without any hassle.

  • Avoid over-tourism

The idea of “Second-city travel” is becoming more famous day by day. According to some surveys, 54% of vacationers want to play a role in reducing harmful effects on environment due to over-tourism. 51% of travellers are ready to switch the original destination to a lesser-known place so that there will be a less environmental impact. Many travel companies are helping tourists to choose the second-city destination so that they can explore lesser-known locations and if need best travel deals and flights booking at best fares, visit BookFlightsTicket.

These are the major trends that are very pervasive in 2021.

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