Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy recognizes that its customers have a legal right to nullify their ticket at a whim. Therefore, it empowers ticket buyers to manage their Southwest flights as they wish, based on their circumstances.

This comprehensive policy is customer-centric for this company to win over more passengers than its competitors.

What’s the Online Southwest Flight Cancellation Procedure in 2024?

According to Southwest’s cancellation policy, a journeyer can axe their ticket on the Southwest mobile app or its official site. The following is the step-by-step online ticket cancellation process.

  • Sign in to your Southwest account.
  • Open the ‘Change/Cancel’ tab.
  • Enter your surname, ticket number, and first name
  • Pick the Cancel ‘Cancel flight’ radio button
  • Tap the ‘Search’ option

Follow all the prompts to cancel your active Southwest ticket to qualify for reimbursement.

Contacting Southwest’s Support Care Team on Social Media for Ticket Cancellation

Southwest’s phone number can be unreachable during the day as the call traffic is surprisingly high. Therefore, contact these assistants on X or Facebook to register your flight cancellation request.

Southwest’s staff needs your surname, destination, and flight confirmation code to cancel your flight.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Southwest Flight Cancellation Fees?

No, it doesn’t! Southwest Airlines prides itself in offering free cancellation services at one’s request. This insurance cover is pointless when purchasing a Southwest ticket, as they don’t levy cancellation or ticket change penalties.

Southwest Flight Cancellation Phone Number

Call Southwest’s help desk at +1-(800)-435-9792 to call off your air ticket at an opportune moment. Thank heavens that this phone line is active day-and-night so you can contact the support team when you need assistance.

Is Southwest Airlines’ Refund Policy Subject to Ticket Conditions?

Yes, it is! For example, Wanna-Get-Away fares are cancellable but non-refundable to the owners. Therefore, you can cancel such a ticket but won’t get cash reimbursement. Southwest Airlines’ refund staff converts such flight fees to transferable e-credits.

Conversely, Anytime and Business-select buyers can claim the funds if they call off their travel on time. Therefore, check these rules carefully before committing your hard-earned money.

Southwest Same-Day Ticket Cancellation Policy

Southwest 24-hour cancellation policy recognizes same-day ticket cancellations for all fare types. The ticket owners can ask for a cash refund or request the refund employees to send them flight credits for future Southwest ticket reservations.

Reasons for Which Southwest Customers Deserve a Full Refund

Southwest Airlines refund guidelines capture particular scenarios under which full reimbursement is inescapable. These are:

I)             Illness

Individuals can claim the complete amount when they fall sick before or on their travel date. Similarly, a customer pays no fee when their relative becomes unwell.

II)           Death

The affected family can appeal for reimbursement if a Southwest customer (a relative) passes away before using their ticket. Likewise, the client can get refunded when their relatives pass on a few days or hours before their planned air trip.

III)          Sudden Departure changes

Southwest might change the origin of a scheduled flight for explainable reasons. An affected journeyer can call on the refund team to repay them.

Southwest Cancellation Policy for Business Select Tickets

Southwest Airlines’ refund policy authorizes passengers to cancel this ticket at least 10 minutes before the flight to deserve reimbursement. Business Select fare holders receive a full refund when they abide by this policy.

Southwest Cancellation Rules for Wanna-Get Away Reservations

Wanna-get away tickets are largely non-refundable unless you cancel the air ticket before the scheduled flight time.  Southwest’s refund staff transfers the due amount as flight credits for later use.

A passenger can transfer these credits to another passenger to help them purchase a Southwest Airlines flight.

Southwest Flight Cancellation Service Fees in 2024

Southwest Airlines rarely imposes a service fee to approve a ticket cancellation appeal. Given this, buyers must rescind their ticket before the deadline lest their flight fee becomes non-refundable.

Southwest Cancellation Policy for Third-Party Bookings

Southwest Airlines recognizes third-party reservations if they’re valid and unused. Therefore, you can contact the agency that sold you the ticket to appeal for flight cancellation.

Unfortunately, Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy forbids travelers with these tickets from nullifying them online. The great news is that the refund policy is fair to all fare holders, including third-party flight buyers.

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

The company’s customer care staff processes refunds for Southwest Airlines tickets after they confirm the holder’s eligibility. Updated Southwest’s flight cancellation policy refund deems all Anytime and Business select fares refundable.

The service assistants need approximately 20 days to refund all cash Southwest refunds. On the contrary, the employees take 7 (seven)  working days to reimburse all credit card refunds after successful flight cancellation.

What’s the Southwest’s Canceled Fare Policy?

Southwest Airlines refund policy instructs customer center assistants to reimburse Anytime and Wanna-Get-Away fare holders after a flight cancellation. Usually, in this instance, all these passengers merit full repayment.

An affected passenger can contact the help desk for re-booking assistance after Southwest calls off their flight.


Unlike many companies, Southwest does not mind sending you cash or e-credits as a refund after you nullify your ticket. Therefore, open the Southwest mobile app or website to axe your ticket if you opt out of traveling.

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