Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy

A few airlines impose prohibitive flight cancellation fees to dissuade passengers from reconsidering their flights. Unfortunately, this is an unwise strategy because it scares away many would-be clients from purchasing the tickets.

Here’s some good news-Avianca Airlines cancellation policy is highly accommodative as this penalty applies in specific cases.

Canceling an Avianca Airlines Ticket Online in 2024

Avianca’s policy on canceling flights highlights the below procedure to cancel a reservation online.

  • I)     Sign in to your Avianca account
  • II)   Click the menu on the top-left part of Avianca’s website

III)   Pick out the ‘Manage Your Booking’ alternative

  • IV) Access your reservation with your surname and Avianca ticket confirmation number
  • V)   Select the ‘Cancel’ option

Avianca’s refund support team will email you after receiving your flight cancellation request.

Does Avianca Airlines Levy a Ticket Cancellation Service Charge?

Avianca’s web system auto-deducts a flight cancellation penalty before an authorized operator processes a refund request. Technically, Avianca airlines cancellation policy imposes a certain amount, depending on the selected destination and fare type.

Avianca Cancellation Policy for International Flights

Avianca’s cancellation policy is almost similar for local and international fares. For example, an international flier can nullify a booking for free if they benefit from the cancellation grace period (24 hours).

Avianca Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

Customers can leverage the free Avianca ticket cancellation policy to call off their flight if an emergency strikes unexpectedly. Interestingly, the new Avianca cancellation policy for refunds instructs the relevant call center assistants to process full refunds for such clients.

This new Avianca travel policy disregards a ticket purchased within 5 to 6 days before the selected flight.

3 Reasons for Which Avianca’s Customer Care Team Authorizes 100 Percent Refunds

Avianca Airlines refund assistants approve full refunds for the following reasons:

  • Flight delay

Avianca Airlines assistants may delay a flight when few travelers show up for their flights. Further, other reasons like operational issues may cause the officials to postpone the flight to the afternoon or the next day.

Expect a full refund when you request the officials to cancel your ticket.

  • Government order

Government officials may ground an aircraft after a security alert or after detecting a mechanical problem.

  • Weather Alert

Avianca officials may stop a flight after sudden weather changes to protect all the customers. You qualify for 100 percent reimbursement if you cancel such an Avianca Airlines ticket.

Avianca Airlines Ticket Cancellation Phone Number 2024

Phew, Avianca Airlines cancellation policy does mind you contacting customer care for ticket nullification assistance. Therefore, call Avianca’s telephone line +1-800-201-4576 if your origin city is within Canada or the United States.

Passengers within South America can use +1-800-201-4576 to ask for urgent flight cancellation help.

Avianca 24-Hour Cancellation Policy for Third-party Reservations

Did you acquire your Avianca ticket from a travel agent? No worries because Avianca Airlines cancellation policy instructs the reimbursement department to process full repayment after successful ticket nullification.

However, the reservation owner must cancel the ticket within a grace period of 24 hours to be eligible for such a refund.

Does Avianca Cancellation Policy Allow Contacting the Call Center Via Social Media?

Sure, it does! Avianca Airlines’ representatives understand that calling Avianca’s telephone lines can be expensive. Therefore, they accept ticket cancellation requests through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Do you have a WhatsApp account? Don’t be shy- chat with an Avianca assistant through their official WhatsApp account.

A live operator will only ask for your Avianca ticket code and surname to cancel a ticket for you. The representative auto-deducts the cancellation penalty from the paid Avianca booking fee.

Avianca Cancellation Policy Refund

According to this refund policy, customers can claim compensation by accessing the Changes and Refund section on the website. Follow the prompts to appeal for repayment if you cancel your Avianca Airlines ticket.


Always call an Avianca assistant to confirm your ticket type before canceling your reservation. Remember that Avianca airlines cancellation policy is mildly harsh to non-refundable ticket holders. You may lose your reservation fee when you cancel this Avianca ticket for a non-convincing reason.

✆ Call Now: +1-800-201-4576