The Corona Effect on the Tourism Industry


The Corona Effect on the Tourism Industry

Posted By: Admin 17 Mar, 2021

What has been unveiled across the globe in the past few months is totally freakish. In this time of uncertainty, all industries are staggering but it is the tourism industry that has been hit the most amidst all lockdowns and border closures.

There is no denying the fact that this industry will incur heavy damages globally as this was the 1st one to get affected with this pandemic and the probably the last one to bounce back. Covid-19 has put the question mark on the existence of the aviation industry and proves to be the worst affecting situation that airlines have ever faced since they started operating.

The outbreak of this pandemic has put the travel and hospitality industry under immense financial strain which no one has ever expected.

According to the Founder Director of the Panache World, ‘It is just a wait and watch scenario as it may be too early to predict what consumers will do in what kind of time frame. All we can do is keep ourselves active, attend webinars, collaborate with the industry peers and take care of the employees in this difficult time’.

The aviation industry needs to channel their energy to bring out the innovative ideas to handle this situation. Not just airlines, this pandemic is devastating everyone involved in the tourism and hospitality industry, be it cruises, hotels or online travel agencies.

How is the Industry Responding?

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 is inevitably having an enormous impact on the travel industry. According to the studies, this industry is the hardest hit in which 7.6 million jobs are lost along with the 47% of the total position. The industry giants have come down on their knees after being hardly affected by this pandemic.

The devastation caused by this pandemic to the industry is severe and is expected to last mid-2021. In this tough time, the travel industry is still looking for something innovative.

According to the experts, mutual collaboration, sharing of information within the industry and linking up efforts towards the common goal have never been as important as they are today. The president of OTOAI said ‘The sole thing we can currently do is to stay united and stand strong as we are all in this together’.

This is the time when competitors of the travel industry are collaborating with each other to create a blueprint for survival. Some of them are taking it positively by considering this lockdown as an opportunity to train the travel agents so that they work according to the guidelines soon after lifting the border closures.

What Will be the Future of the Travel Industry After Corona?

The world is now divided between two segments – Before Corona and After Corona and the same goes with the travel industry. There is a lot of uncertainty as to when things will get back to normal or will they ever be? Safety has always been the important factor while travelling after COVID-19, but now this has changed its form completely. Situations will never be the same as they were in the past, at least not in the near future.

The experience might look and feel different once the world begins to reopen and this will leave both positive and negative impacts on the travel industry. As the world sees the major shift in the habits and thus it will give lots of opportunities to the tourism industry as well. Travel habits will change in the future but positively. But right now, the priority should be safeguarding everyone from this pandemic in order to survive in these difficult times.

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