Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is the Volaris Cancellation Policy?

Volaris airlines cancellation policy assures passengers of travel flexibility because they can call off their ticket when circumstances change without warning. For example, all customers, excluding economy ticket owners, can suddenly postpone or cancel their trip.

Online Volaris Airlines Ticket Cancellation Method

Volaris’ policy on canceling flights recommends the following procedure.

  •   Open Volaris Airlines’ website
  •   Sign in to your Volaris account with your password and email address
  •   Tap the ‘Access’ button, then launch the ‘My Trips’ section
  •   Input your Volaris reservation code and surname
  •   Click the ‘Go to My Trips’ button
  •   Choose the ticket you want to cancel
  •   Select the cancel flight option

Volaris Airlines will notify you (via email) once you complete this online process.

Can I Cancel a Volaris Airlines Flight on the Phone?

Yes, you can! Feel free to call +52-(55)-(110)-28-000 to ask for ticket cancellation as per the Volaris flight cancellation policy. All the passengers outside Mexico must brace themselves because international phone charges are unavoidable.

What Procedure Should I Follow to Cancel My Ticket on Volaris Mobile App?

Use the following instructions to cancel your flight on the Volaris Airlines mobile app:

  •   Open Volaris’ mobile app
  •   Sign in to your Volaris account
  •   Launch the ‘Manage Booking’ sub-section
  •   Enter the required ticket details
  •   Select the flight and locate the cancel flight option
  •   Choose the ‘Continue’ button

Abide by all the subsequent on-screen instructions to complete this process to become eligible for a refund.

Seeking Volaris Flight Cancellation Assistance Via WhatsApp

Unlike other companies, passengers can get ticket cancellation assistance via WhatsApp. Therefore, inbox these assistants through +52-(555)-898-8599 and include your Volaris flight details.

Alternatively, use the WhatsApp link to chat with these operators on your PC or tablet. This option will strictly work if you’ve linked your WhatsApp account on these devices.

Volaris Same-day Flight Cancellation Policy

Volaris cancellation policy 24-hour policy recognizes ticket cancellation requests even when a passenger does so on the same day. Routinely, no Volaris cancellation fee is payable if you revoke your reservation before this grace period expires.

Volaris Cancellation Policy for Medical Emergencies

Volaris updated their cancellation to accommodate out-of-control eventualities. For example, you are eligible for free flight cancellation if sickness disrupts your flight plan.

Therefore, ensure you attach supporting documents during online Volaris ticket cancellation. This new Volaris policy also covers bereaved customers if they can prove that their kin passed on days or hours before their Volaris flights.

Volaris Cancellation Policy for International Flights

Unbeknownst to customers, Volaris airlines cancellation policy applies uniformly to domestic and international flights. For example, one can only cancel an unused ticket to an international destination such as the U.S. or Europe.

Volaris Airlines Flight Cancellation Phone Number for Americans

U.S. citizens can contact the Volaris ticket department at +1-(855)-865-2747 for ticket cancellation assistance. Affordable local phone rates apply when one uses this hotline but are much cheaper than when one calls Volaris Airlines’ HQ phone number.

Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy for Non-refundable Flights 2024

Basic ticket holders can’t rescind such reservations due to the restrictive Volaris Airlines cancellation policy. Therefore, you should continue with your Volaris trip as planned, lest you lose money.

Volaris Cancellation Policy for Flexible and Plus Air Tickets

Fortunately, these air tickets are cancellable and changeable, provided one follows the laid-out policies. For example, Volaris airlines cancellation policy imposes a reasonable penalty when one revokes such air tickets.

Volaris Refund Policy for a Canceled Flight

Volaris flight cancellation policy directs operators to process refunds when one revokes a ticket in time. However, a meager ticket cancellation fee of at least USD100 is unavoidable before the operators send you the balance.

Further, this policy authorizes the refund team to credit the money to the original payment method. For instance, the representative will send this money to your PayPal account if you used the same method during ticket booking.

Volaris officials take 7 (seven) to 20 working days to transfer the refund for an eligible passenger. Occasionally, Volaris Airlines reserves the right to demand an identification card (ID) to process a refund for customers for defendable reasons.

Conditions Under Which a Full Refund is Possible After Successful Volaris Flight Cancellation

Volaris ticket cancellation policy consents to 100 percent refunds when:

1)    A passenger cancels their Volaris ticket within 24 hours of flight booking.

2)    One purchases a Volaris ticket on their website or the mobile application (app).

3)    Volaris Airlines officials cancel a flight suddenly.

Volaris Airlines Refund Policy for Flexible Airfares 2024

Flexible Volaris tickets are less restrictive than basic economy reservations. Therefore, Volaris flight cancellation policy does not penalize passengers holding such air tickets. Therefore, flexible fare owners can cancel their reservations at will and get a full refund.


Volaris is beyond question the most warm-hearted and considerate airline in North America and beyond. Volaris airlines cancellation policy includes as many possible incidents as possible to minimize travel anxiety for all customers.

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