United Airlines Refund Policy

United Airlines Refund Policy

Posted By: Admin 28 Oct, 2023

Approximately 100 million travelers don’t mind traveling with this company because of the well-thought-out United Airlines refund policies. However, you ought to understand that the policies can differ depending on the airfare you purchased.

This article will acquaint you with this company’s ticket refund policy to help you appreciate this popular airline more.

How to Confirm Your United Airlines Refund Status?

Passengers can confirm their refund status online by accessing the refund section on United Airlines official website. However, you must log in to your MileagePlus account and submit the necessary details, such as the flight confirmation number.

United Airlines Refund Policy for all Basic Economy Reservations

You can only get refunded if you cancel your basic economy united ticket in 24 hours. Interestingly, the refund department can process and reimburse you within the same period. Remember that United Airlines does not charge a service fee if you nullify the air ticket quickly.

Unfortunately, United Airlines refund policies do not apply to all economy reservations canceled after this period. For this reason, you should not anticipate any reimbursement once this grace period expires.

United Airlines Refund Rules for all Refundable Air Tickets

United Airlines’ policy on refunds is fair for all the passengers holding such reservations. Recently, the company removed the flight cancellation fee for multiple United Airlines tickets for good reasons.

Understandably, the refund period depends on one’s repayment methods. All other methods except credit cards can take approximately between  14 and 21 business days.

United Airlines Refund Policy for Non-refundable Tickets

The gripping news is that a non-refundable United Airlines booking is cancellable, provided it hasn’t expired. However, the United Airlines ticket refund policy forbids the relevant department from refunding such passengers.

In such an event, the representatives will send you the correct refund as e-Credits. Please note that United’s representative can deduct a few charges, such as a refund service charge or a cancellation fee (if applicable).

United Airlines reserves the right to demand physical proof of a cancellation reason. For example, you can submit your hospital card or a burial notice for faster refund processing.

United Airlines Refund Processing Duration

More often than not, United’s refund department takes 5 to 7 business days to process all credit card refunds. All other reimbursements can take 15 to 20 business days after receipt of the refund request.

United Airlines Refund Policy for Delayed Flights

United Airlines’ refund policy for delayed flights gives you the freedom to cancel such an air ticket at will. Fortunately, this policy bars the customer center from penalizing you if United Airlines management is to blame.

United Airlines Refund Policy for Sick or Dead Passengers

The refund policy for United Airlines is understandably humane for sick or bereaved families. Therefore, the next of kin can contact the company to cancel the ticket of a dead passenger. The refund department will begin processing as soon as you inform them.

United Airlines Refund Rules

  • a)   Customer support repays the passengers through their original payment method.
  • b)   Full refunds mainly apply for tickets canceled within 24 hours after purchase.
  • c)   A passenger must cancel their air ticket for the refund process to begin.
  • d)   All economy tickets are non-refundable after the 24-hour grace period.

United Airlines Refund Policy When the Airline Cancels Your Flight

Uncontrollable factors like weather or a safety alert can compel United Airlines to cancel all their scheduled flights. Therefore, you can opt to ask for a refund if you decide to travel on another day. Fortunately, you deserve a full refund if you contact customer care immediately or report at the relevant ticket counter.

How to Confirm Your United Airlines Travel Credit Balance

United Airlines can delay refunding a passenger, particularly if you submit the wrong ticket code. Therefore, you should confirm your e-credit balance regularly on United’s travel credits section.

Technically, you must write your PIN or United ticket code and surname to find details about available travel credits. The amount should reflect seconds after customer support transfers the refund from their end.

For the most part, the insurance company can cover between 5 and 10 percent of the United flight booking fee. However, the insurer will only compensate you if a reason you insured against necessitates your flight cancellation.

You can contact customer service if the relevant support team takes longer than 21-30 days to clear your refund.

How to Avoid Missing a United Airlines Refund

United Airlines does not refund all ineligible air tickets, such as basic economy and expired reservations. Therefore, you should purchase travel insurance from registered and reputable insurers to avoid losing your ticket booking fee.

How to Confirm Your United Ticket Type Before Asking for a Refund

Passengers need to know the fare type they purchased before requesting reimbursement. Therefore, you can phone the customer center and let them know your ticket confirmation code for them to find out for you.

Secondly, you can log in to your MileagePlus account with your password and membership number before tapping your ticket. The system will reveal all the vital United Air ticket details, such as fare type.

Lastly, you can log in to your Gmail account to refer to the United flight confirmation email. This information will help you know if United Airlines will send your refund to your bank account or e-credits.


1. I Used PayPal to Purchase My United Airlines Ticket. How Long Will United’s Employees Take to Refund Me?

United Airlines needs 7 (seven) working days to process a debit or credit card refund. Conversely, the team needs about 20 office days to process all other forms of refunds, including PayPal.

2. Can I Apply for a Refund for My Canceled United Airlines Flight on the Phone?

Yes, you can! Contact the refund department’s employees at +1-(800)-864-8331 for repayment processing.

3. What’s the United Refund Policy for Non-Refundable Bookings?

Passengers don’t get cash payment when they cancel a non-refundable United Airlines ticket. In general, the team refunds customers in the form of travel credits.

4. Does the United Airlines Refund Policy Vary Depending on One’s Country of Origin?

Yes, it does! For example, an Argentinean shouldn’t anticipate any refund if they cancel a non-refundable United Airlines ticket. On the other hand, United Airlines will strictly repay a Colombian passenger 90 percent of your flight fee if he revokes the ticket after 24 hours of booking.

5. Are Taxes Refundable Per United Airlines Refund Policy?

Yes, they are! A few passengers, such as French passengers, can apply for repayment of paid surcharges. The refund policy can differ depending on the customer’s country of origin.

6. Is a United Airlines Ticket Refundable When Officials Cancel It Unannounced?

Yes, they can! A refund is a must, especially when United’s officials call off the flight for non-natural reasons.

7. Can United Airlines Waive the Refund Fee Under Given Circumstances?

Yes, they can! The United’s refund officials seldom levy a surcharge if sickness or official army duty necessitates the ticket cancellation.

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