United Airlines Cancellation Policy

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Posted By: Admin 28 Oct, 2023

United Airlines is an interesting carrier that lets passengers cancel some air tickets without a penalty. Further, this policy is favorable for all reservations, including non-refundable United Airlines bookings.

Let us fill you in on the updated United Airlines cancellation policy in 2023.

3 Fast Ways of Canceling a United Airlines Flight

United Airlines’ flight cancellation policy urges passengers to consider three (3) well-defined methods of canceling a valid United air ticket. These are:

(i)  Web flight cancellation

You can change your United Airlines ticket on the organization’s official website. Kindly traverse the website to the ‘My Trips’ section and then tap the ‘Cancel flight’ link.

After that, you should tap the ‘Confirm cancellation’ for the system to revoke your active United Airlines ticket. The system will propose a travel credit or a refund if you had purchased a refundable United Airlines ticket.

(ii) Cancel on the United Airlines mobile App.

United Airlines’ cancel flight policy has become friendlier as you can rescind your air ticket on this company’s official app with your smartphone. Similarly, you should go to the ‘My Trips’ section and select the cancel flight option.

After that, you should confirm your resolve to cancel the air ticket before choosing a travel credit or reimbursement. You can use the travel credits to purchase another United Airlines flight later.

(iii) Call up United Airlines’ support center.

United Airlines cancel flight code authorizes customers to phone United’s help desk at +1-(800)-864-8331. All passengers can dial this number for a support center assistant to cancel their reservations.

They only require your correct air ticket confirmation code and last name to cancel your United Airlines booking.

United Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

United Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy applies uniformly to all reservations except economy tickets. You must invalidate your United Airlines ticket within the same day after purchasing the flight to get full reimbursement.

Interestingly, you can overturn a United Airlines ticket even if you obtained it with MileagePlus miles.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy for all Basic Economy Tickets

A passenger can only cancel a basic economy United ticket if they do so the same day they acquire it. In such a case, the refund department will send you back your flight fee. After that, you lose the booking fee if you rescind this ticket after this generous window.

United’s Flight Cancellation Policy for all Refundable Tickets

United Airlines canceled flight policy is indulgent on all refundable air ticket holders. For example, you can revoke your reservation anytime before your flight day. Further, the relevant department will send you your flight fee through your original payment method.

United Airlines Cancellation Fee for Non-refundable Reservations

Non-refundable United ticket holders can nullify these reservations at will without prior notification. However, you shouldn’t expect a refund, as the customer center team will send you travel credits.

A United Airlines cancel flight fee is payable if you scrap the reservation after 24 hours.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Fees

United Airlines used to subtract a non-refundable cancellation fee of USD 200 for each air ticket you would cancel. For a long time, United’s support center would ask for USD400 whenever a customer nullified an international reservation.

 Recently, the company scrapped this policy to enable customers to manage their reservations as they please. However, the agents will ascertain that your United Airlines booking is valid before approving the ticket cancellation request.

Can I Cancel my United Airlines for Medical Reasons?

Yes, you can! United Airlines lets passengers cancel an air ticket for various reasons, like sickness, bereavement, or other emergencies. However, you must nullify the United Airlines reservation within the spell-out deadlines. 

United Airlines Cancel Flight Policy for Award Tickets

United Airlines lets travelers purchase an air ticket with their current miles if they meet the minimum balance. Feel free to revoke such an air ticket later if you have to at no cancellation fee. Therefore, all members, including Premier Siler, Gold, and Premier Platinum, can cancel their reservation without prior notification.

Canceling a Delayed United Airlines Flight

Unfortunately, United Airlines’ cancellation policy does not allow travelers to nullify a delayed flight. Therefore, you can only hold on as the company might rebook another last-minute flight. The customer center department will communicate to help you catch the new flight before you run out of time.

United Airlines Refund Fees

By and large, the refund department may charge all the members except for Premiers a given service charge. On the contrary, the company will take off roughly USD50 before refunding a Premier Platinum member.

On the other hand, a Premier Gold member loses close to USD75 for the representative to process reimbursement. Lastly, a Premier Silver member parts with a refund fee of at least USD100.

United Airlines e-Credits Validity

United Airlines refunds non-refundable ticket holders in the form of e-credits after the necessary deductions. More often than not, these funds are usable within 12 months after the deposit. Therefore, you must use them to purchase another United Airlines booking within this duration.


1. What’s the Online United Airlines Cancellation Process in 2023?

United’s cancellation policy requires you to access the ‘My Trips’ link on this airline’s official website. Next, feed in the United ticket number and surname, then use the ‘Search’ button to get your scheduled flight.

Use the ‘Cancel Flight’ link on the top section of the webpage to start the online cancellation process. Lastly, confirm your decision to cancel your United Airlines ticket.

2. Does United Airlines Process Travel Credits After Successful Flight Cancellation?

Yes, it does! United Airlines cancellation guidelines let clients choose their preferred refund repayment options. For example, you can select travel credits or cash, particularly if you own a refundable United Airlines ticket.

3. Can I Really Cancel a Basic Economy United Airlines Flight?

Yes, you can! The restriction is that you must revoke the basic Economy United flight within the same day you get this booking.

After that, these United tickets become non-cancellable and hence non-refundable.

4. Can I Cancel a Delayed United Airlines Flight?

Yes, you can! United’s delayed flight policy recommends ticket cancellation or waiting for another flight if the officials delay your flight by an hour or more.

5. How Can I Phone United’s Reservation Assistants to Cancel My Air Ticket?

You can access United’s call support team by calling +1-(800)-864-8331 to cancel your un-expired air ticket.

6. How Long Does United’s Ticket Team Take to Refund Passengers After Flight Cancellation?

United Airlines’ refund office processes reimbursements within 5 to 7 working days.

7. Is it Easy to Cancel a United Airlines Ticket for Free?

Yes, it is! You can call off your United Airlines flight for free if you do so not more than 24 hours after acquiring the ticket.

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