Jetblue Seat Selection Policy

Jetblue Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 31 Jan, 2024

Instructional JetBlue’s Seat Selection Guide 2024

Many Passengers prefer to select a seat of their choice before taking to the skies on a predetermined flight date. Fortunately, JetBlue’s officials can assign the seats arbitrarily or allow you to select whichever open seat you please.

Let us have a look at the new JetBlue seat selection policy in more detail.

Step-by-step Guide for Selecting a Seat on JetBlue’s Website

These days, you can use the JetBlue mobile app or open the official website to reserve a plane seat of your choice. Here is the procedure.

  •   Click the log-in icon.
  •   Use your password and email address to sign in
  •   Select the JetBlue booking you want to upgrade
  •   Access the seat’s tab to locate the seat map
  •   Check out the seating chart to pick out an open plane seat.
  •   Confirm your decision by paying the seat upgrade fees

Offline JetBlue Seat Selection Option 2024

JetBlue’s seat selection policy gives all guests the go-ahead to dial the customer service hotline for seat upgrades. Feel free to call these assistants at +1-(855)-232-546-3 to make your request and provide the needed flight details.

Haphazard JetBlue Seat Assignment Policy

JetBlue’s officials allocate plane seats arbitrarily to guests who don’t select one when purchasing the ticket online. By good fortune, you can upgrade the seat much later before the d-day at a given service fee.

New JetBlue Airlines Seat Selection Rules

JetBlue Airlines’ seat selection policy says that the rules depend on the cabin class of the seat you select. Let’s discuss these restrictions in more detail.

(i)           Basic Economy Class

Guests in this travel class can select a seat for free if they do so within 24 hours before departure. Expect to part with a reasonable JetBlue seat selection fee if you reserve the seat outside this sensible grace period.

(ii)          Core Cabin Class

Core ticket owners can book a seat when reserving a seat, during check-in, or at the airport before departure. Fascinatingly, this seat selection fee applies to Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Extra ticket owners.

(iii)         Mint (Business) Class

Mint fare holders pay the highest seat booking prices because this cabin class has fancy seats. For instance, these plane seats have a reasonable adjustable angle and a few massage features.

JetBlue Seat Selection Policy for Mosaic Members

TrueBlue members are fortunate because they can leverage JetBlue’s free seat selection whenever they please. For example, they can upgrade the assigned seat to an Even More Space at no additional fees.

Mosaic Level 3 travelers enjoy more privileges because they can upgrade their reservation to Mint for free if a seat is available.

JetBlue Free Seat Selection 2024

Did you forget to book a seat when buying a JetBlue ticket online? Take it easy because the representatives will reserve a random plane seat for you for free. Fascinatingly, Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Extra can book a seat in Economy class at no fees.

How to Know the Applicable JetBlue Seat Selection Fee

JetBlue Airlines has about 9 (nine) varying airplane types, implying that the seat layout can be different. Therefore, you must launch JetBlue’s website and look for the seating chart to know the updated seat upgrade fee.

Ensure you locate and click the ‘Seat’ option for the web system to display the aircraft that will transport you to your destination.

Do Taxes Apply to JetBlue Seat Selection Fees?

Yes, they do! However, the payable total government tax can vary depending on the seat you select. Therefore, you can determine the taxes ahead of time- hence the need to load your debit or credit card with enough funds before online seat selection.

Can I Reserve an Extra Seat with JetBlue Airways?

Sure, you can! However,  you must use your first name to select the first seat and your last name to reserve an open plane seat. In this case, travelers must choose adjacent seats on the seating chart.

Additionally, JetBlue Airways instructs customers to choose plane seats that are within the same fare option. Lastly, ensure you have enough JetBlue seat selection fee for both seats for the officials to approve your seat change request.

JetBlue Seat Selection Price 2024

This American carrier sets the minimum JetBlue seat selection fee at USD 4 but can increase depending on the location of the seat you pick. You must contact JetBlue customer service or visit the website to know the revised seat upgrade fee.


JetBlue’s seat selection policy is comprehensive and instructional-thus it is easy to understand. As hinted, the seat upgrade rules might differ depending on your cabin class or TrueBlue’s membership level. Therefore, JetBlue guarantees a perfect travel experience, provided you reserve a seat promptly.

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