JetBlue Baggage Policy

JetBlue Baggage Policy

Posted By: Admin 1 Feb, 2024

JetBlue’s Baggage Policy 2024

Millions of travelers globally love JetBlue’s baggage policy thanks to all the subsections included therein to accommodate them. For example, guests enjoy high baggage allowance, reasonably low baggage fees, and well-thought-out weight restrictions.

We have conducted due research to educate you on what to expect when adding a few travel bags to your JetBlue reservation.

JetBlue Checked Baggage Policy

The checked baggage policy for JetBlue Airlines varies depending on the guests’ cabin class. For instance, Mint travelers can bring two suitcases for free, provided each weighs up to 70 pounds (32 kilograms).

Blue Plus clients enjoy a free baggage allowance for the first travel bag if its weight is below 32 kilograms. You can add a second checked bag for as low as USD 50 if its weight allows it.

Do you have any sporting equipment? Relax, as you can present them for screening as checked baggage. Today, JetBlue officials allow specific equipment, like snowboard, football, and fishing rods.

JetBlue Baggage Policy for Carry-on

The baggage policy for JetBlue allows Mint, Blue, and Blue Plus guests to carry a reasonably small bag, such as a purse, for their flight. Similarly, the officials consider a pet carrier as carry-on baggage if it sticks to the stipulated dimensions.

JetBlue’s new baggage policy allows a carry-on bag measuring 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. That policy implies the travel bag’s total dimension must be below 45 inches.

Does JetBlue’s Baggage Policy Allow One Personal Item for Free?

Yes, it does! Per JetBlue Airlines’ baggage policy, specific passengers can bring one item at zero luggage fees. However, the belongings you choose must be small and lightweight.

JetBlue Baggage Fees 2024

Per JetBlue’s baggage policy, the total fees depend on all the suitcases you check for your reservation. To a great degree, guests pay around USD 65 for the first checked suitcase (or second travel bag) at the airport.

A third bag costs each customer around USD 180, provided it doesn’t fall under the excess baggage.

Free Tips for Saving on JetBlue’s Baggage Fees in 2024

JetBlue’s luggage fees may seem exorbitant, particularly when traveling on a tight budget. Fortunately, you can decrease the total service fees by paying this amount during web JetBlue flight check-in.

Technically, you might save about USD 5 for the first suitcase you add and USD 10 for your second travel bag.

Secondly, Blue Plus travelers should apply for a card to get a discount on their baggage fee. For instance, such a guest only spends about USD 125 for the third suitcase.

Are JetBlue’s Baggage Fees Really Refundable?

Yes, they are! However, you can strictly claim this amount back if you nullify the entire JetBlue reservation. This policy implies that this service fee becomes non-refundable once you check in your JetBlue reservation.

JetBlue’s Baggage Policy for Mosaic Members in 2024

Interestingly, the baggage policy for JetBlue does not charge baggage fees separately for active TrueBlue members. For this reason, these travelers pay no additional luggage fees for the first two checked travel bags they add to their JetBlue ticket.

What’s JetBlue’s New Baggage Policy for Overweight Suitcases?

JetBlue’s officials deem suitcases that exceed the standard dimensions as overweight. As a result, they charge more baggage fees, depending on the route you select during online JetBlue ticket booking.

Airport officials will ask you to shell out USD 150 for each suitcase that weighs between 23 and 45 kilograms. Sad to say, JetBlue does not welcome travel bags weighing over 32 kilograms for trans-Atlantic flights.

JetBlue’s Baggage Check-in Deadlines

Per JetBlue’s checked baggage policy, you should add your suitcases online when the web check-in process opens. We recommend checking in at the airport if you’re uncertain about the exact weights of all your travel bags.

Get to the airport at least 40 minutes early if you will check your baggage at the airport before visiting a local destination. Contrarily, JetBlue’s checked baggage policy sets the deadline at an hour (60 minutes) for all international flights.

JetBlue’s Baggage Policy for Assistive Devices

Contact JetBlue’s call center early if you need to travel with mobility devices, like a wheelchair or crutches. Technically, this airline accepts these devices as a carry-on if they abide by the laid-out weight and size restrictions.


JetBlue’s baggage policy cares for all guests, including group travelers, to ensure they’re comfortable during the flight. For example, group passengers can carry one personal item, like a backpack, for free. Secondly, this JetBlue’s policy sets out highly reasonable bag dimensions to help travelers pack all the items they will require during the vacation.

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