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Spirit Airlines Flight Information

Spirit Airline is an American company headquartered in Miramar, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan region. Moreover, it’s also considered an ultra-low-cost carrier. Furthermore, spirit cheap flights operate its scheduled flights all over the United States & around the Caribbean & Latin America. This airline service was launched in 1983 in Michigan, Macomb County by Ned Homfeld, at it was then referred to as Charter One Airlines.

Presently Spirit Airline flies to 83 destinations all through Central America, South America, the Caribbean & the United States. With spirit cheap flights, you can make an online booking for all international & domestic flights.

About Spirit Airlines Flights

Spirit Cheap Flights is an ultra-low-cost carrier with 56 fleet sizes, including Airbus A320-200, Airbus A319-100, Airbus A321-200, & Airbus A320neo. It’s the 3rd youngest Airbus fleet found in the Americas after Mexican airline Volaris & Virgin America. Every aircraft are fitted with brilliant seating facilities & in-flight passenger’s services. Furthermore, all the seats & cabins have sufficient space & legroom. With spirit airlines in-flight, there are plenty of entertainment services available for every class of passengers.

Spirit airline has employed about 8,938 as of the 2020 report. Moreover, this airline offers a customizable travel preference beginning with an unbundled price. This enables our Guests to pay for the things and services they select, like bags, refreshments, and seat assignments.

Spirit Airlines Stock

Previous 28.05
Day’s range 27.62 – 28.46
Open 28.29
Volume 3,030,388
52-week range 14.65 – 40.77
Average volume 3,607,322
Market Capitalization 3.012B

How Do I Book a Spirit Airlines Cheap Flights?

Booking a flight with spirit airlines is made simple and easy. One can successfully make a booking with any of the available ways. They include

Online booking

One and the most convenient way of booking a flight with spirit airlines are using their website. Here, you will have to visit You can easily book a flight, car, vacation, cruise, or hotel on the book page.  When booking a flight, you will have to state whether it’s a one-way, round trip, or multi-city trip. After that, you will have to fill in your departure station. All you need here is to click on the drop-down arrow, and you will have a complete list of the stations and select where you will be picked at. After that, you also need to state the destination. Also, here you will have to choose a destination station from the drop-down menu.

Then you will be required to fill in the travel date. If the trip was a two-way journey, then the return date will also be needed. With multi-city travel, you will have to state them, and maybe the time you will take on every city. Here, you either pay with the dollar or the points earned.

With online booking, you can cancel or change your flight and add extras like seat assignments or bags. You will also be able to check-in and check flight status by either destination or flight number.

Spirit Airlines app

Another way you can book a trip with Spirit Airlines is with the Spirit Airlines app. With the help of this app, you will manage your entire trip in a single place. Additionally, with this app, you will have a more dynamic necessary experience where you will stay informed & utilize more self-serve capabilities. Booking your next getaway, flight check-in, receiving flight status updates, and getting your boarding pass is easily accessible with the app.

Benefits of a spirit airline app

  • Get details you require at your fingertips
  • Easily see your flight status, seat assignment, gate/terminal, and much more.
  • Get informed when it is time to check in.
  • Access boarding pass & move freely through the airport
  • Easily add bags, update your seats, or make preferences to your journey
  • Be up-to-date with up-to-date flight notifications
  • Check flight statuses and be aware of when your friends or family are arriving
  • Travel Agent

Another way in which you can book a flight with a spirit airline is through the travel agent. It would be best to find an approved travel agent who will do the whole process of booking for you. The travel agent should always keep you informed by sending notifications & reminders about the flight.

Airport Booking

Airport booking is another way of booking a flight with spirit airlines. This way, you will have to go to the nearest spirit airline office (more located at the airport) and make inquiries. Here, you will be asked your trip details, and afterward, a receipt will be issued.

Spirit Airlines Classes

Airline travel needs to be as comfortable as you would like. That’s the reason they have various cabins with various features. These cabins are boarded at a different cost depending on the cabin type.

First-class seat

Spirit airlines they have a big front seat (first-class) which is made of leather material. The chair has 36″ of pitch & 18.5″ wide. Thus, you will have an extra 6″ for stretching your legs, unlike with the standard seats.  Furthermore, these big front seats are “pre-reclined”; hence one cannot recline them more. Unlike other airlines with first-class cabins, the spirit airline’s big front seats are much cheaper.

Moreover, the big front seat has a large area that’s sufficient for holding and working on your laptop. Here at spirit airline, when you need comfort, you need to choose the big front seat.

Economy class

In this area, spirit airline has a next-generation seat designed to fulfill ultra-low-cost carrier airlines’ requirements. The passengers will achieve a solid & lightweight seating solution, minus compromising comfort & ability to give seat features that improve passenger’s experience. The new seats in economy class have a sleek & modern aesthetic with a smooth touch of matte-black synthetic-leather upholstery. The seats also have a contrast border sewing in signature yellow.

Furthermore, these seats have a sliding single-leaf table with a cup recess and an upper literature pocket. Passenger luxury is more enhanced with a thicker cushioning & lumbar support plus a pre-reclined seatback. Furthermore, the middle seat is an inch wider, & the exit row gains over & inch of pre-recline. The standard economy seats measure 28″ pitch and 17.75″ width.

Aircraft model Total number of seats Big front seats Economy seats
Airbus A319-100 145 10 135
Airbus A320-200 (Layout 1) 182 8 174
Airbus A320neo 182 8 174
Airbus A320-200 (Layout 2) 174 0 174
Airbus A321-200 228 8 220


Spirit airlines don’t include the price of snacks & drinks in your ticket; hence you will have to pay for any order that you will make. Remember that payment onboard is by debit card or credit, and the airline doesn’t take cash for inflight buying. Some of the inflight menus include various snacks, beverages, and combo deals on all flights. These may consist of choices like muffins, Pringles, pot noodles, etc. Remember that fresh food isn’t available for buying on Spirit Airways. You will also be free to bring you to bring your food & drinks on board.


With Spirit airways, no entertainment that’s provided. There is no screen either on the overhead or seatback. Moreover, you shouldn’t expect to get charging sections near your seat. However, at the moment, Spirit Airlines is presently conducting the first Wi-Fi testing on a few chosen aircraft. This will be a big move to their loyal customers.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

With spirit airways, they charge for carry-ons & checked bags. However, you will be charged more charge more with checked bags that weigh more than 40lbs. The reason being extra gas for the aircraft will be required for the added weight. Moreover, a single personal item (purse, small backpack, etc.) that fits entirely in a small size box cost is included in your ticket.

The size of this personal item shouldn’t exceed 18″ by 14″ by 8″ (45 by 35 by 20 cm) inclusive of the handles & wheels. Any other personal item like checked bag or a standard carry-on bag required to be paid for. The carry-on bag shouldn’t exceed 22″ by 18″ by 10″ & in weight 40 pounds (18.1 kg).

Spirit Airlines Pets Carry-On Allowance

With Cheap Spirit Airlines, various pets can be carried inside a cabin on local Spirit flights. However, the pet needs to be placed inside a carrier that shouldn’t exceed 18″ by 14″ by 9″ (45.72 cm by 35.56 cm by 22.86 cm). Also, the weight of the carrier and pet shouldn’t exceed 18.14 kg (40 lbs).

Spirit Airlines Prohibited Items Carry On Policy

Some items are regarded as very dangerous to come on board with. The articles are inclusive but not limited to: Axes, Fireworks, Guns, Ammunition, Nail guns, knife, etc.

Spirit Airlines Musical Instruments Carry On Policy

With spirit airlines, passengers can come with musical instruments to the aircraft as part of standard carry-on. Moreover, if the tool surpasses the carry-on allowance (standard), you will have to pay for an extra seat. Your instrument needs to be safe in/against a window seat.

Spirit Checked Baggage & Extra Baggage Fees

When a bag surpasses the baggage allowance bought with Spirit, then an extra baggage fee is needed.

  • If it weighs between 18 kg & 23 kg (41lbs & 50lbs), you will have to pay $30 for every bag.
  • When your bag weighs between 23 kg & 32 kg (51lbs and 70lbs), you will have to pay $55 for every load.
  • If it weighs between 32 kg & 45 kg (71lbs & 100lbs), you will pay $100 per bag.
  • When a bag measures between 158 cm and 203cm (68″ & 80″), its fee is $100
  • When a bag measures over 203 linear cm (80 inches), you will pay $150

Spirit Airways check-in Policy

There are different ways in which you can check in with Cheap Spirit Airlines flight. The options include

  • Self-service check-in at the airport kiosk

You can check in with self-service touchscreen kiosks that are usually available at some airports. You need to check-in for your flight 3 hours before departure time. It ends 45 minutes to departure for domestic flights, and for international flights, it ends 60 minutes to departure time.

  • Online Web check-in

Online web check-in begins 24hrs before departure time and ends 60 minutes to the scheduled leaving time. However, this depends on your destination and departure city. After check-in, you will receive a mobile boarding pass on a printable boarding pass or mobile device. You can use this alternative if:

  • Possess an electronic ticket & the first air travel is on Spirit Airlines. You aren’t a special-needs passenger.
  • You access a booking with a confirmation code, frequent flyer account, or e-ticket number.
  • Ticket counter at the airport check-in

Spirit Airlines’ airport ticket counter check-in begins 3 hours before the departure. It ends 45 minutes before departure with domestic flights, and with international flights, it ends 60 minutes before departure time.

  • Using a mobile app

Remember, with mobile app check-in; you must have gotten your boarding pass & checked the baggage. When check-in using a mobile app, it should be at least 45 minutes to depart with domestic flights. With international flights, it should be done before the 60th minutes to departure time.


When should one reach the airport?

You need to check in luggage before the counter is closed. That is 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights (within the United States) and 60 minutes to departure with international flights.

How do spirit airlines randomly assign seats?

Spirit airlines assign random seats to travelers during check-in. To select a seat(s), you need to pay an extra cost of $5 for a seat booking.

Are Spirit Aircraft seats comfortable?

New seats in spirit Airlines are ergonomically made to make every traveler comfortable. However, the airline says every seat gets almost an additional inch of “pre-recline. Thus it is angled backward more extra centimeters. The Seats at the exit row are pre-reclined further.

Can one bring food on Spirit Airways?

Yes, one can bring their snacks & drinks. Spirit airline they will charge for all snacks and drinks on the airplane.

Do Spirit airlines have a TV?

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-budget airline; thus, it gets rid of every extra amenity on aircraft, increasing the price.  Therefore, there is no TV on Spirit airlines.

Conclusion for Spirit Airlines Flights

Spirit Airlines is among the cheapest airline that caters to low and middle-class people. Moreover, you will still have a comfortable journey minus the luxury and entertainment. Their professional crew will ensure that you have a calm trip to serve you to your expectations. Get the best offers and discounts, visit and confirm your booking before tickets get sold.

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