United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy

Posted By: Admin 24 Oct, 2023

United Airlines sticks out from all other carriers thanks to their thoughtful unaccompanied minor policy. Therefore, parents can entrust their children to them to transport them to a domestic or international city they like. Similarly, they have tens of customer support agents who can help with ticket purchases at an affordable fee.

Online United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Flight Booking

United Airlines unaccompanied minors can request an adult to book a flight on the homepage. Kindly locate the ‘Advanced Search’ option to reduce the number of adults from one to zero. Next, add your child and select their current age to proceed to subsequent steps.

The parent must also submit the details of the adult who will drop off and pick up the child.

United Unaccompanied Seat Selection Policy

United unaccompanied minor policy does not allow parents to select a seat. Customer support reserves the right to assign a suitable seat for your child to get sufficient help and attention.

United Unaccompanied Minor Policy for Domestic Flights

United unaccompanied minor age ranges from 5 to 17 years for all domestic flights. Ordinarily, these flights are usually non-stop hence a child can fly comfortably. Fortunately, a child does not need a passport to visit a local destination.

United Unaccompanied Minor Policy for International Flights

Contrarily, these flights are mainly for children between 12 and 17 years old as they’re relatively more mature. However, children aged 5 to 11 can equally get this air ticket if the flight is direct. In this case, kids aged 5 to 12 must get unaccompanied minor services for the airline’s officials to escort them.

Additionally, the child must have a passport and visa to fly to an international destination.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

United offers compulsory services to all children aged 5 to 15 years, provided they will go alone. Usually, the company expects parents to pay at least USD150 for them to offer travel-related services to their children.

The program includes essential services like check-in at your kid’s departing airport. Secondly, the official will give your child a wristband with all their personal and travel details. The air hostess will also serve your child food and drinks to ensure they’re comfortable during the flight.

Lastly, the official will retrieve the luggage for your child and connect him to the pick-up person after arrival.

United Airlines Manage Booking Policy

United Airlines manage booking code lets parents cancel or rebook their children’s tickets before the flight date. Interestingly, no service fee applies when one changes a flight to the US, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

Similarly, one does not pay a service fee if they annul or change their United Airlines ticket on the same day. After this window, you must pay approximately USD200 for each United ticket you cancel.

United Unaccompanied Children Ticketing Fees

Parents must know about several hidden ticketing charges that can apply in some cases. For example, you must pay $25 for a customer support agent to help your child book the ticket on the phone. On the other hand, you must pay $30 to buy a United Unaccompanied minor ticket at the airport.

Contrarily, a third-party United agent usually charges clients $30 to help a minor purchase an air ticket. All customers should note that the airline does not refund these fees once one pays it.

Vital Requirements for each United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

Airport officials require all United Airlines unaccompanied minors to present the following documents.

  1.   Passport (for international flights)
  2.   Birth certificate
  3.     Printed air ticket
  4.   Travel visa
  5.   Drop off person’s identification card
  6.     Parent’s consent letter
  7.   Pick-up adult’s passport

United Airlines Security Check Policy

An adult has to accompany a child to drop them to the airport for their flight. The security officer will ascertain your relationship before issuing you a boarding pass. Similarly, an adult must turn up at the arrival airport to pick up the child.

Tips for Preparing Your Child for the Flight

Parents should consider these tips to make their kid’s flight more fun to them.

  1. Attach an identity tag to the child’s travel bag.
  2. Explain the travel process to the child.
  3. Encourage the child to stick to the airport until an adult shows up to pick them up.

United Airlines Priority Boarding

United gives pre-boarding privileges to all unaccompanied children to pinpoint their seats. After that, adults can board the airplane after all the minors settle down.


1. What Is the Age Requirement for a United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor?

Based on the United Unaccompanied Minor policy, a child must be aged between 5 and 17 to fly with this company.

2. What Does the United Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee Cover?

This USD 150 minor service charge covers food and a seat for each child.

3. What Should an Unaccompanied Child Do Once They Get to their Airport of Origin?

The escort and the minor should go to the ticket counter to meet a United Airlines representative. The official will prepare a wristband for the child and clear him for boarding after ticket verification.

4. How Much Minor Service Fee Will I Pay for My 5 Underage Kids to Travel Unaccompanied?

Ordinarily, United imposes a USD 150 fee for each young child to travel with this airline. Fortunately, parents enjoy a discount if they have more than one minor that they add to the United Airlines ticket.

You will pay $450 for all your children to fly with United Airlines unaccompanied (per way) plus the ticket fee.

5. Can I Check-in Online for My Unaccompanied Minor?

No, you can’! United unaccompanied minor policy dictates that children verify their reservation at the airport.

6. Will a United Airlines Assistant Charge Me to Book the Ticket for My Underage Child?

Yes, they will! You must pay $25 for the employee to reserve the air ticket for you on the phone.

7. Can My 5-Year-Old Child Fly Internationally Alone with United Airlines?

Yes, they can! All minors above 5 (five) years can fly on an international United Airlines flight if it’s non-stop.

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