Turkish Seat Selection Policy

Turkish Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 7 Feb, 2024

New Turkish Seat Selection Policy 2024-Seat Reservation Process, Free Seat Selection & Due Seat Selection Fees

Turkish seat selection policy highlights a quick and straightforward procedure for reserving a seat online or over the phone. Secondly, this policy allows travelers like parents to reserve neighboring seats at a small additional seat booking fee.

Step-by-step Online Turkish Seat Selection Process

Turkish seat selection policy recommends the following procedure.

  • Open Turkish website
  • Tap the ‘Check-in/Manage Booking’ option on the top menu
  • Provide your Turkish ticket number and last name
  • Click the search button
  • Locate the seat selection link
  • Open the Turkish seat maps to check an unallocated seat
  • Pay the stipulated Turkish seat selection fee

Turkish Airlines’ customer care will notify you via email if your seat booking was successful.

Turkish Free Seat Selection

Business class travelers don’t have to care about the Turkish seat selection price because this process is free. However, these clients must book a seat before or after online flight check-in to avoid this penalty.

Further, this policy applies if the guest hopes to reserve one seat because fees must apply when they reserve 2 (two) or more open seats.

Turkish Seat Selection Fee 2024

Turkish seat selection fee changes depending on the guest’s seat type, cabin class, and the flight route. For example, the officials anticipate you to pay CAD 55 (about USD 40.79) if you pick a standard seat in Economy class.

On the contrary, expect to part with CAD 190 (approximately USD 140.90) if you pick an emergency exit row seat in economy class.

Why Should Guests Reserve Economy Seats on Turkish Airlines’ Planes?

Unlike other carriers, economy seats in Turkish Airlines airplanes have multiple unique characteristics. Some of these include:

I.             Foot support

Each economy seat has this feature to support the ankles and foot muscles, especially when flying on an international Turkish flight.

II.            Monitor

Guests can enjoy watching sports or TV shows on the monitor on the seat in front of them. Typically, each of these fancy devices has a minimum size of 12 inches (about 30.48 centimeters).

III.          Armrest

All passengers, including economy class customers, can enjoy good quality arm support during their flight. You can turn such a seat into a bed and enjoy good-quality sleep.

IV.         Width

Economy class seats are comfier because they have a minimum width of 46 centimeters (18.11 inches).

Can I Use My Miles & Smiles Points to Select a Seat with Turkish Airlines?

Sure, you can! Miles&Smiles members can redeem their points to upgrade their seats with Turkish Airlines. We recommend calling customer support to know the required miles before starting this process online.

Ordinarily, this seat selection policy allows one to use cash or points to reserve a seat (but not both).

Allowed Seat Selection Period

Turkish Airlines’ seat selection policy says customers can only start choosing a seat at most 355 days after getting an air ticket. You must book an open seat at least 6 (six) hours before your upcoming Turkish Airlines flight.

Is there a Route that Prohibits Turkish Seat Selection?

Yes, there is! Turkish officials don’t allow tourists to select another business class seat if they will visit Ankara. Similarly, the airline equally bans seat selection for travelers flying from Ankara to another destination.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Phone Number 2024

Turkish Airlines has call centers in different countries across the world for better customer support. For example, Belgians can phone these assistants at +32-(250)-019-33 between 9:00 a.m. and 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

On the other hand, Canadians can dial +1-(416)-260-488-1 between 9:00 and 17:00 hours on weekdays. An international guest can call +90-(212)-463-636-3 to ask an operator at the headquarters to book an unallocated plane seat.

Is Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Fee Refundable?

Yes, it is! Interestingly, the system auto-refunds this amount once a guest cancels their reservation. Commonly, customers receive the entire seat upgrade amount because the officials deduct the ticket cancellation fee from the flight booking fee.

Last Thoughts

The online Turkish seat selection procedure is relatively fast, provided you know your ticket code and surname. Fortunately, you can reserve a seat during or way after online ticket reservation at a sensible fee.

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