Swiss Airlines Baggage Policy

Swiss Airlines Baggage Policy

Posted By: Admin 3 Feb, 2024

Swiss Baggage Policy-Carry-on Allowance, Baggage Fees & Overweight Bag Restrictions

Swiss baggage policy is the least restrictive compared to all this carrier’s competitors. For example, travelers can bring carry-on luggage for free and a reasonable baggage allowance to reduce the total cost of the flight.

Are you impressed? You won’t believe the overweight baggage fees and the lap infant carry-on policy.

Does Swiss Website Have a Free Baggage Calculator?

According to Swiss’ new baggage policy, customers can find out the total luggage fees from the free luggage fee calculator. This online tool needs you to submit particular details to compute this information.

Some of these include:

  •   Total passengers
  •   Destination
  •     Origin city
  •   Selected carrier

The final step is to tap the ‘Display free baggage’ button for the system to determine the amount of fees you will pay.

Swiss Baggage Policy for Carry-on Luggage

Economy and business class passengers can carry at least one handbag if it weighs up to kilograms. Swiss’ baggage policy for carry-on is more generous to Business class guests, as they can bring two small bags like briefcases for free.

Do you have a foldable bag? Feel free to bring it into the cabin if its dimensions are around 57 cm by 54 cm by 15 cm.

Swiss Baggage Fees for Overweight Suitcases

According to Swiss international baggage policy, you can transport overweight suitcases at a small additional baggage fee. The total amount depends on the weight range and the traveler’s destination.

For example, you need USD 46 more to fly with a bag weighing 24 to 32 kilograms to a destination within Switzerland. Are you flying to another European country?

Then, set aside USD 57 for each excess suitcase you present at the airport for screening. Unfortunately, Swiss Air charges more baggage fees for oversized bags to discourage guests from bringing such suitcases as they’re not portable.

How Can I Prepay Swiss Air’s Baggage Fees in 2024?

Guests can call Swiss Air’s hotline if they’ve weighed all their suitcases to pay the baggage fees. The official will allow you to use your Debit or Credit Card to clear these service fees.

Do Lap Infants Get Swiss Baggage Policy for Carry-on?

Yes, they do! For instance, the parents can bring a baby car seat and infant-friendly food for free. However, the officials don’t allow baby bassinets as checked baggage.

Please ensure the foldable baby stroller weighs up to 23 kilograms (around 50 pounds).

Swiss Size Restrictions for Checked Suitcases 2024

The revised Swiss checked baggage policy fixes the total linear size at 158 centimeters (about 62.20 inches). Therefore, the officials will categorize your luggage as oversized if it surpasses these strict dimensions.

Will you bring a handbag? If yes, ensure its dimensions are about 55 centimeters (about 22 inches) by 40 centimeters (15.75 inches) by 23 centimeters (9.1 inches).

Swiss Checked Baggage Policy

Per the baggage policy for Swiss Air, the allowance for checked luggage depends on the cabin class and the traveler’s destination. For example, a business class guest visiting a European city can bring 2 (two) travel bags at most (32 Kg each).

Similarly, travelers on an inter-continental Swiss flight can strictly fly with two suitcases (32 Kg each). Do Premium Economy travelers get baggage allowance? Under the Swiss baggage policy for economy guests, these customers can transport 2 (two) suitcases (23 kilograms each) for free.

On the contrary, standard economy guests can transport one suitcase for free, provided it weighs up to 23 kilograms.

Does the Baggage Policy for Swiss Air Give any Allowance to Frequent Travelers?

Yes, it does! A Frequent passenger in Economy class is entitled to a one suitcase allowance if they visit Canada or the United States. The airport officials instruct these guests to ensure the travel bag weighs up to 23 kilograms.

What Items Does Swiss Baggage Policy for Economy Class Prohibit?

The baggage policy for Swiss Air bars particular belongings such as:

  •  Lithium batteries
  • Gas lighters
  • Paint
  • Tasers
  •  Propellants
  • Combustible items
  • TV (fragile goods)
  • Power saws
  • Detonator

Does the Baggage Policy for Swiss Air Allow Sports Equipment?

Yes, it does! For the most part, Swiss baggage policy accepts these pieces of equipment as checked baggage if their weights allow it. Secondly, the officials will allow these pieces of equipment if they don’t fall under the fragile goods category.

Examples of accepted sports items are:

  •         Surfboards
  •         Football


Swiss baggage policy forbids specific items, like tasers, guns, and razor blades, for the safety of everyone onboard. Therefore, new and frequent travelers don’t have to worry about robberies or other criminal activities during the flight. Swiss Air officials revise the baggage fees frequently to accommodate as many guests as possible.

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