Ryanair Seat Selection Policy

Ryanair Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 1 Mar, 2024

What Tourists Like the Most About the Ryanair Seat Selection Policy

Ryanair’s seat selection is doubtlessly the most customer-friendly seat-booking policy hands down. For example, it features a free seat booking policy, particularly for minors traveling with their parents for their welfare.

Further, the policy points up relatively budget-friendly Ryanair seat selection prices that depend on the seat type.

Web Ryanair Airlines Seat Selection

Ryanair Airlines allows guests to book a plane seat when confirming their unused reservation online. Kindly visit Ryanair’s website and scroll to the ‘Manage My Booking’ section to unveil the ‘Add or Change Seats’ link.

Use your email address and Ryanair ticket code to retrieve your details before choosing a suitable seat. You can add your card information to complete the seat booking payment.

Free Ryanair Seat Selection 2024

The Free Ryanair seat selection policy exists to accommodate children traveling with their folks. However, you must contact Ryanair’s representatives for them to reserve the seats for you before it gets too late.

Surprisingly, each parent can add up to 4 minors to their reservation, provided they will be in the same cabin class.

Ryanair Seat Selection Fees 2024

The total Ryanair seat selection fee depends on the seat a passenger selects during booking. For example, booking an extra legroom seat will cost you at least USD 13.81 if you reserve it online or otherwise.

Do you fancy seating on the front seat? Ryanair will ask you for a minimum amount of USD 8.78 or more if you reserve it at the airport. Ryanair’s Standard seats are the cheapest because ticket owners strictly pay USD 5.65.

What’s the Check-in Deadline if I Reserve My Emirates Seat Early?

Ryanair’s seat booking policy expects you to verify your reservation between sixty (60) days and two hours before departure.

Does Ryanair’s Seat Booking Policy Care for Families?

Yes, it does! Ryanair Airlines seat selection policy allows parents with kids below 12 years to reserve adjacent seats for safety. Secondly, parents with babies below 2 years (24 months) can carry them on their lap during the Ryanair flight.

Interestingly, Ryanair Airlines doesn’t charge children a seat reservation fee as long as they are four or fewer. Therefore, parents can sit on neighboring seats during the flight to check up on them to ensure they’re safe and they don’t misbehave.

Are Ryanair Seat Selection Fees Refundable?

No, they aren’t! Ryanair Airlines does not process refunds for seat booking fees even when one nullifies their reservation. Similarly, don’t bother removing a seat from your Ryanair reservation because you won’t get a refund.

Can Customers Select More than One Plane Seat for Extra Comfort?

Yes, they can! However, you must buy 2 (two) full-fare Ryanair tickets as per the Ryanair Airline seat selection policy. Please use your official name to purchase the first Ryanair Airlines flight.

The policy requires you to use ‘Comfort Seat’ as your first name and ‘Extra Comfort Seat’ as your surname to reserve the second plane seat.

Prerequisites for Selecting an Emergency-Exit Row Seat

Ryanair Mexico’s seat selection policy authorizes customers to reserve this plane seat if they fulfill specific requirements. These include:

  • The traveler must be at least 16 years old.
  • passenger must be traveling alone (without a minor).
  • The tourist must be willing to help if an emergency strikes.
  • The flier must be physically strong and of sound mind.
  • The passenger must not have booked another extra-comfort seat

Can I Change My Seat on Ryanair’s Website More than Once?

Sure, you can! Ryanair’s seat selection policy doesn’t limit the number of times a ticket owner can change their plane seat. However, such changes are subject to seat availability and involve paying an indicated seat upgrade fee.

What’s the Deadline for Selecting a Ryanair Seat?

As claimed by the Ryanair seat selection policy, customers must reserve a plane seat at least 2 (two) hours ahead of their flight. However, waiting too long can work against you because the available seats might run out.

We spur you to book a seat when reserving your Ryanair ticket on this carrier’s official website to get the best seat.


Per Ryanair’s seat selection policy, the system allocates seats haphazardly to all the guests who don’t book a seat of their preference. Guests like couples or families can book adjacent seats ahead of their flight at reasonable service fees.

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