American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 23 Nov, 2023

American Airlines Seat Selection Maze: A Way to Achieve Comfort and Pleasure

Choosing the right seat on an airplane can make a big difference in your travel experience. With American Airlines, there are many factors to consider when making your selection, from your budget to your travel style. For discerning travelers, securing the perfect seat on an airplane is an integral part of crafting a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience. Under the American Airlines Seat Selection Maze program, the airline offers a comprehensive array of seat selection options that are tailored to diverse preferences and travel requirements.

Types of Seat Alignment by American Airlines

American Airlines flight seat selection program caters to diverse passenger needs and preferences with a variety of seat types, ensuring every traveler finds their ideal level of comfort.  These seating options encompass:

Main Cabin

The Main Cabin is the most preferred seating option by passengers traveling with American Airlines. These basic seats promote comfortable seats with standard legroom while making it an affordable choice. for budget-conscious travelers without compromising on essential comfort.

Preferred Seats

For those seeking a bit more, Preferred Seats present a desirable upgrade within the Main Cabin. With priority boarding, increased legroom, and early access to overhead bins, these seats cater to passengers who value convenience and a touch of luxury.

Main Cabin Extra (MCE)

Going beyond Preferred Seats, Main Cabin Extra (MCE) is designed for travelers who crave additional legroom without transitioning to Premium Economy. Enjoy the journey with extra space, making your flight a comfortable and relaxed experience.

Premium Economy

Stepping up from the standard Main Cabin, Premium Economy provides a more luxurious travel experience. Wider seats, increased legroom, and complimentary alcoholic beverages are just a few of the perks that elevate your journey to a new level of comfort.

Business Class

Business Class on American Airlines is synonymous with luxury. With spacious seating, ample legroom, a flatbed recline, and personalized service, the premium class ensures that your journey is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

First Class

For those seeking the utmost in luxury, First Class is the ultimate choice. Boasting the most spacious seating, superior amenities, and personalized service, First Class transforms your flight into an opulent experience.

Seat Selection Process

A crucial aspect of a pleasant flight is finding the perfect seat, and American Airlines makes this process effortless and convenient. The airline offers multiple methods to ensure you get the seat that suits your preferences.


Experience the convenience of selecting your seat from the comfort of your home with the American Airlines online seat selection process. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred seat hassle-free during the booking process or by managing your reservations through My Trips on the official website or mobile app. Enjoy the independence to browse through available options and secure the perfect spot for your journey.

Airport Kiosks

American Airlines provides self-service kiosks at select airports for those who prefer on-the-spot assistance. The kiosk tower allows passengers to complete their seat selection efficiently with minimal charges. It is a convenient option for last-minute adjustments or those who appreciate a hands-on approach to seat selection.

Call Reservations

A personal touch makes all the difference with American Airlines. Passengers can avail themselves of personalized assistance by calling American Airlines Reservations at 800-433-7300. The dedicated customer service team is ready to assist with seat selection, ensuring that your preferences and needs are taken into account.  It is ideal for people who value direct communication and a tailored approach to seat selection.

Demystifying Seat Selection Fees

  • The cost of selecting a seat varies based on the kind of seat and ticket class. Preferred and Main Cabin Extra seats may incur surcharges depending on the route and fare class. The passenger may need to pay up to USD 25 or more to grab main cabin seats.
  • Preferred Seats are located in more desirable areas of the Main Cabin and come with additional benefits. It costs between USD 10 and USD 22 and is an affordable option for people looking for priority boarding, more legroom, and early access to overhead bins.
  • Main Cabin Extra (MCE) seats are more comfortable since they are situated in front of the Main Cabin and have more legroom, thus they are worth the small extra cost. MCE chairs cost between USD 25 and USD 45 and are roomy and comfy.
  • Stepping up to Premium Economy with wider seats and more legroom while paying incurs higher fees. The charges range from USD 45 to USD 125 which offers an elevated travel experience with additional perks.
  • Business Class seats deliver comfort and convenience for a premium cost. Fees for these seats, featuring spacious seating, ample legroom, flat-bed recline, and personalized service, range from USD 150 to USD 300 with other taxes.
  • First Class seats provide the epitome of luxury air travel through spacious seating, superior amenities, and personalized service. However, you may need to pay American Airlines seat selection fees that range from USD 200 to USD 400 per seat, ensuring an unparalleled in-flight experience.

Tips and Tricks for seat selection with American Airlines

  • Early booking generally provides access to a wider selection of seats, allowing you to secure your preferred spot before it becomes unavailable.
  • AAdvantage members enjoy priority boarding and the ability to select seats for free, depending on their status level, providing a significant advantage in securing your desired seating.
  • Seat availability can fluctuate frequently, so check back occasionally to see if your preferred seats become available, increasing your chances of securing them.
  • If you have specific seating requirements due to medical reasons or travel companions, contact American Airlines Reservations for personalized assistance to ensure a comfortable and accommodating travel experience.


American Airlines seat selection options cater to a wide range of passenger preferences and travel needs, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect spot to enhance their flight experience. With the available seat types, selection procedures, and fees, passengers can make informed decisions and secure the ideal seats for their next journey, maximizing their comfort and enjoyment throughout their travels.  The airline makes extra step counts to improve passenger satisfaction while improving seating and flying experience.


Does American Airlines charge for seat selection?

Yes, American Airlines charges for seat selection on some fares. The American Airlines seat selection fees vary depending on the seat type and the fare class.

How do I pick my seats on American Airlines?

You can pick your seats on American Airlines in three ways: online, at airport kiosks, or by phone. All booking portals are readily available throughout the year. Choose your preferred seat and make relevant payments for smooth functionality.

Are seat fees waived for loyalty program members?

Loyalty program members may enjoy complimentary seat selections or reduced fees depending on their tier.

Why Should I Pick a Seat in American Airlines’ Premium Economy Class?

Premium economy has relatively wider seats and a better legroom space to guarantee the customer’s comfort. Additionally, all beer lovers in this cabin class are also eligible for complimentary alcohol during the flight.

Can I Book an American Airlines Seat with Miles?

Yes, you can! Visit the AA website and log in to your AAdvantage account to get a Main Cabin seat with your miles. However, your point of origin must be an airport within the United States.

What Options Do I Have If I Don’t Have Enough Miles for American Airlines Seat Selection?

AAdvantage members can use their miles to book a seat if they have enough points. If not, you should look for a main cabin seat that requires fewer AAdvantage points.

Another option is to pay for the balance with cash to reserve a comfy American Airlines seat in the main cabin.

Am I Eligible for a Refund If I reserve a Less Expensive American Airlines Seat?

No, you aren’t! Unfortunately, American Airlines seat selection fees aren’t refundable regardless of whether you choose a cheaper passenger seat.

Does American Airlines Provide a Seat Map During Online Seat Selection?

Yes, it does! Customers can view this pictorial seat arrangement to choose the best seat.

Can Basic Economy Ticket Holders Select a Seat with American Airlines?

Yes, they can! However, set aside about USD 9 to USD 24 for successful American Airlines seat selection.

How Much Fee Must I Pay to Reserve a Seat at the Main Cabin?

American Airlines charges USD 23 to USD 24 for clients to book a seat in the main cabin.

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