Aeromexico Group Travel

Aeromexico Group Travel

Posted By: Admin 6 Nov, 2023

People prefer to fly together when planning a family vacation or a business trip to a domestic or global destination. Fortunately, this celebrated company accepts Aeromexico group tours of between 8 and 9 passengers to a similar destination.

How to Book Aeromexico Group Airline Tickets?

Below are the two ways of booking Aeromexico group travel bookings.

1.    Online

This company offers a distinct way of purchasing Aeromexico group airline tickets on its website. Next, look for the group travel section and tap the ‘Request your quote’ link to provide details of the passengers you will add to your Aeromexico ticket.

2.    Call Aeromexico customer care.

Secondly, passengers can call +1-(800)-237-6639 when they need help reserving an Aeromexico group travel. Is this phone busy? Relax, as you can contact these agents through their local phone numbers.

For example, Mexicans can use 55-(513)-340-00, whereas Brazilians can dial 0-(800)-891-7512.On the other hand, Chinese can use +86-(326)-247-6281, while Colombian can call +1-(800)-011-468-9 to book a group ticket.

Aeromexico Group Travel Rules

This company has the below rules for all group travel bookings.

(i)    A group leader must pay 25 percent of the Aeromexico group booking fee.

(ii)   Group leaders must counter-check the members’ names in time.

(iii)  Each group ticket can have (ten) 10 or more passengers.

(iv)  Group ticket prices depend on the preferred travel destination

(v)   All group member names must be correct and error-free before the flight.

(vi)  Group members must clear the remaining ticket fee balance before the travel date.

(vii)All the members must fly from a similar city and destination.

(viii)  Group leaders must submit their members’ names at least three days (72 hours) before departure.

(ix)  Aeromexico Airlines needs to know the ages of all the group members.

(x)   Group leaders must contact Aeromexico within 72 hours after getting a group travel quote.

(xi)  A group leader can add more travelers if enough seats are available

Can I Book an Aeromexico Group Tour through a Travel Agency?

Yes, you can! Aeromexico has certified particular travel agents to sell group tickets to passengers within their localities. Understandably, such Aeromexico tickets are subject to the companies’ travel rules.

Can I Visit the Aeromexico Offices to Buy a Group Ticket?

Aeromexico has offices in countries such as France, Belgium, and Holland to help many customers. For that reason, you can walk into your nearest Aeromexico office for group booking.

How to Call Aeromexico’s Support Center to Book a Group Travel

Travelers can use Aeromexico’s toll-free contact, +1-(800)-237-6639 for group ticket reservation assistance. Press the correct button to get connected to a live customer care representative for group travel planning.

In some cases, the company insists that each group must have a minimum of 10 members. Passengers in the U.S. can contact the help desk at 2-(5551)-334-000 for group reservations.

Aeromexico Ticket Change for Group Tickets

Group travelers can modify their tickets if they agree to book a different Aeromexico Airlines flight. Generally, this company can charge you at least USD300 to change such a flight for the members.

On top of that, the members should be willing to clear a fare difference when they reserve a more expensive Aeromexico ticket. This fee will not apply if the group leader chooses a cheaper Aeromexico group reservation.

Aeromexico Ticket Cancellation Policy for Group Bookings

Customers can cancel an Aeromexico group booking, provided the ticket hasn’t expired. By and large, this air ticket expires on the travel day, so you do not get a refund if you nullify the ticket past this day.

Significant Benefits of Buying an Aeromexico Group Ticket

The following is a list of advantages that all Aeromexico group members enjoy.

1.    Quick seat assignment

Aeromexico Airlines randomly assigns seats to all the members on the same plan.

2.    Gradual ticket fee payment

Unlike ordinary passengers, group members can pay the due booking fee slowly, provided they pay the balance before the flight. Further, the members must clear 25 percent of the ticket fee when booking this ticket.

3.    Luggage allowance

Surprisingly, group members can enjoy a reasonable baggage allowance when they purchase this reservation.

4.    Ticket booking validity

Interestingly, a group can purchase the air ticket at least 12 months early to save money. However, a ticket change fee is applicable when one modifies their air ticket or buys an alternative flight.

5.    SkyTeam points

Group members with active SkyTeam membership can use their points to purchase group travel bookings. In some cases, Aeromexico can let you use cash and points to get a pricey group travel ticket.

Lastly, you can contact the Aeromexico customer support agent to purchase a last-minute group ticket. Shockingly, such air tickets are relatively more budget-friendly than many people would think.

6. Convenient name Change

Aeromexico does not charge a group leader to rectify a member’s name. However, the members must correct these details (three) 3 days before the travel date.

A small fee might apply if you change the names of more than four passengers at once.


1. How Can I Book an Aeromexico Group Ticket to Travel with My 8 Close Friends to Mexico?

As explained by the Aeromexico group travel policy, you must contact the call center if your group will have 8 to 9 travelers. Therefore, dial 55-(513)-3400-0 for a representative to book this ticket for you.

2. Can Foreigners Book a Group Ticket with Aeromexico Airlines?

Yes, they can! Aeromexico has several call centers to accommodate international passengers, including Brazilians, Chinese, and Colombians.

For instance, French passengers can contact the Aeromexico call center assistants at 0-(800)-916-754.

3. Must I Book an Aeromexico Group Travel On The Company’s Website?

No. You can dial the call center phone number for an executive to help you create a group travel quote. Additionally, the team will need you to pay up to at least 0.1 percent of the total Aeromexico group ticket fee.

4. Does Aeromexico Charge a Fee for a Member to Rectify their Name on their Group Ticket?

Yes, they do! However, you only pay 10 percent of this fee if you have to correct this error once.

5. Why Do Passengers Like to Travel as a Group with Aeromexico Airlines?

Aeromexico group travel guidelines are more humane than those of its competitors. For example, a member only spends 0.1 percent of the group ticket booking fee to correct a name misspelling.

Secondly, the group supervisor can contact the Aeromexico support center for ticket booking.

6. What Payment Method Can I Use to Clear the Security Deposit for Aeromexico Group Ticket?

Aeromexico Airlines recommends a bank transfer or a debit card to pay for the mandatory deposit for this group travel.

7. Are Aeromexico Airlines Group Tickets Cancellable?

Yes, they are! Group travelers can resolve to cancel their tickets sometime before the scheduled flight.

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