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American Airlines is the world’s largest Airline based on scheduled passengers carried, revenue passenger mile, and fleet size. It has its roots way back in 1931 when it was known as American Airways. Its holding company, referred to as AMR Corp., created in 1982, deals with food catering services, airport maintenance services, airport ground transportation, baggage-handling services, and hotels and inns. 

About Us

American Airlines is among the founding members of the Oneworld alliance. Other than Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the Americans Airlines’ main hub, there are other eight major hubs within the U.S.  The airlines’ headquarters is based in Fort Worth, Texas.  

With a total of 963 aircraft, American Airlines covers 345 destinations within 50 countries. Additionally, it flies about 6800 flights daily within South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Below is everything you should know about American Air Lines baggage policy, booking, fare class, and others. 

American Airlines Stock

For those planning on investing fortunes in American Airlines, you’ll be surprised to learn how quickly the airlines have been pushing the button. The Airline has a stable financial record which explains why many investors turn to American Airlines to buy shares. Take a look at the following tabularized information about American Airlines Stock. 

Previous close 20.56
Open 20.79
Day’s Range 20.76 – 21.55
52-week Range 10.63 – 26.09
Volume 45,535,638
Average Volume 32,642,465
Market capitalization 13.665B

How do I book a flight with American Airlines?

Is the American airline’s booking process tiresome? No, as long as you have the right information, it will be very easy to buy your air ticket. First, visit the American airlines booking page and choose whether you want a round trip or a one-way trip. 

Also, add your departure, arrival, numbers of passengers, and your flying date.  From the search result, you can choose a flight matching your criterion, make payment, and you’ll receive your flight booking contact +1-855-738-3598 after completing the booking process. Alternatively, you call.

Other than booking directly with the Airline, you can also buy a ticket from, a travel agency dedicated to offering high-quality services. From their website, you can find amazing American Airlines travel deals and essential information that can prove helpful when booking your flight. 

American Airlines Classes

Flagship First

American Airline offers Flagship class on their Boeing 777-300ERs only and is rated as an international first-class product. The 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration provides direct aisle access. Furthermore, the seat available in Flagship First is fully lie-flat for both Transcontinental and international  Flagship first class. 

You’ll enjoy first-priority privileges, including boarding and baggage check-in. With Flagship First ticket, you get access to the premium lounge in selected hub cities as well as a high-quality dining experience.

Flagship business

Suppose you are having an international flight between U.S and Australia, South America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. In that case, a Flagship Business will provide you with all the elevated comfort you deserve. American Airlines offers Flagship business tickets on Boeing 777-300ERs, Boeing 787-9s, Boeing 777-200ERs, and Boeing 787-8s. For Flagship® Business Transcontinental, you can fly between Los Angeles – New York, San Francisco – New York, New York – Orange County, and Los Angeles to Miami. The services are impeccable, fine dining, comfortable seats, and priority privileges. 


For flights within the U.S. 50 states, you can enjoy your flight session while on the First Cabin equipped with wider seats (19–21 inches) and extra legroom. Julian Barsotti offers premium food options, and you can find fine wines. Furthermore, the First class offers free entertainment and WIFI can be added as an upgrade. If you fly over 900 miles, you’ll get free snacks, while those on flights over 2200 miles will be offered a meal.

Premium Economy

These services are availed on widebody Aircraft (Boeing 787-9s, Boeing 787-8s, Boeing 777-200s, and Boeing 777-300s). Passengers with the premium economy can carry two free checked pieces of baggage. Also, you’ll be provided with Shinola and D.S. & Durga amenity kit and Casper sleep set to enhance your flying experience. 

Enjoy chef-inspired meals as well as complimentary beer, spirits, and wine. The airlines offer free entertainment on their large monitors plus noise-canceling headphones. Lastly, every seat is equipped with a USB port and power outlets. 

Main Cabin Extra

Most of American Eagle’s regional aircraft and mainline fleet with over 50 seats offer main cabin extra tickets. You’ll get seats with greater seats than those found in Main Cabin. Also, every passenger is entitled to free alcoholic beverages and mini pretzels or Biscoff cookies. You may also have additional drinks or milk, depending on your route. Bring one personal item and one bag, and you’ll also enjoy free T.V. shows and Movies on the Airlines screen. 

Main Cabin

It’s not just a seat you’ll be buying when you have a main cabin ticket. You’ll have access to other services. Only one personal item and one bag are allowed, but you should check on American Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy to make your journey stress-free. Some aircraft allow passengers to buy WiFi which helps many stays posted and informed about the nation’s headlines. American Airlines offers main cabin class in its regional and mainline aircraft, and the width of the seat ranges from 17-18.5 inches with a pitch between 30-inch and 32-inch.

Basic Economy

Based on American Airline’s classes, the Basic Economy is the cheapest of all. It’s normally within the Main Cabin except for certain set restrictions. The seat assignment is done after check-in. Initially, passengers were allowed to carry one personal item until later, when they were allowed an additional carry-on bag for free. 

American Airlines Baggage Policy

American AirLines baggage policy allows passengers to have one personal item (purse, laptop bag, or briefcase) and one carry-on bag for free. However, the carry-on bag shouldn’t exceed 45-inch linear dimension (22-inch x 14-inch x 9-inch) wheels and handles included. Additionally, it should fit perfectly under the seat or in the overhead Cabin.  

On the other hand, the personal item must fit under the seat ahead of you. Your umbrella, duty-free items, jacket, diaper bag, as well as assistive devices (walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, child restraint seats, and strollers) won’t count as carry-on baggage. 

Checked Baggage Policy

Are you traveling on a transpacific, transatlantic, or domestic route? Well, American Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy allows you to check at most ten bags. However, a passenger on air routes between  Mexico, Central America, Brazil, the Caribbean, and South America can check in 5 bags. Due to some reasons, this number of bags could be limited during some seasons, and it is important to keep track of American Air Lines baggage policy changes. 

Economy Passengers: Domestic travelers with Economy tickets can check in one ($30), the second piece of luggage ($40), and the third bag ($150). finally, any additional bag will cost $200 each. However, For transatlantic flights, you’ll check one bag for free. Any additional bag will cost $100, while the extra bag will be charged at $200 each. 

No matter the region you are traveling to, your checked baggage shouldn’t exceed 158cm linear dimension and should weigh within 50lbs (23kg). But if you book Business or First Class, then the weight limit is 70lbs (32kg). 

Overweight Baggage

American Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy clearly states that a bag weighing over 50 lbs. (23kg) will be considered overweight baggage. When the bag weighs between 51-70 pounds, a baggage fee of $100 will be imposed. However, this fee is waived for Oneworld Emerald passengers, Advantage Executive Platinum, Business Class, and First-Class passengers. 

Between 71lbs. to 100lbs., a baggage fee of $200 will be applied per bag (Not allowed on Transatlantic or flights from/to Cuba). Lastly, transpacific flights will charge $450, but the baggage from/to Australia won’t be accepted.

Oversized Baggage

American Air Lines baggage policy only allows bags with the overall linear dimension within 62-inch and 125-inch at extra chargers listed below.

  • $200 for U.S Domestic flights, Central America (Panama excluded), the Caribbean, Transpacific, and Mexico. 
  • $150 For Panama, Transatlantic, and South America
  • Bags measuring over 125-inch aren’t allowed

Sports Equipment

Suppose you have sports equipment, then they will be categorized under checked baggage. However, weight and size restrictions based on the American Air Lines baggage policy apply. You could carry skis, fishing equipment, lacrosse equipment, golf bags, and hockey. 

American Airlines Check-in Policy

What should you know about the American Air Lines check-in policy?  Well, after making your American airlines booking, you’ll need to check in to get a seat and a place for your carry-on baggage. American Airlines allows passengers to check-in through the following ways

Online check-in

According to the American Air Lines check-in policy, passengers can use web check-in between 45 minutes to 24 hours prior to scheduled check-in. Furthermore, you must have an electronic ticket, and your first flight should be American Airlines.  Additionally, you should be able to use your frequent flyer account, an e-ticket number, or a confirmation code to check your flight status. Online check-in isn’t for special needs passengers or those on military fare

Mobile Check-in

Just like online check-in, mobile checks in should also be within 45minutes to 24 hours before departure. Besides the condition for online check-in, you should also be flying from the airport accepting mobile boarding passes. The first flight must be operated by Japan Airlines, British Airways, or Iberia from your itinerary. 

American Airlines curbside check-in

It’s a special service offered on U.S. carriers only and should be done between 45 minutes and 4 hours to departure time. For this form of American Air Lines check-in, you’ll need a photo I.D. and electronic ticket contact 1-800-435-9792, flight contact details code, and flight destination.

Ticket Counter Check-in

While at the airport, you can check-in at the ticket counter 45minutes – 4 hours before departure. You can also check in your bags, pay for baggage fees, and change or select seats. The service agent will give you a printed boarding pass.

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in

American Air Lines check-in policy offers a kiosk check-in option carried out at airport self-service kiosk.  All preparation must be done within a time limit of 45 minutes and 24 hours before departure.  After the completion of kiosk check-in, you’ll obtain a printed boarding pass. With the kiosk check-in option, passengers can check their bags, pay baggage fees, change or select seats. 

American Airlines Pet Policy

Can I travel with my pet on American Airlines? We’ve compiled essential information about American Airlines Pet policy, which can help you plan a successful journey with your furry friend.  Based on the American Airlines Pet policy, only five kennels are allowed on American Eagle flights and seven kennels on American Airlines flights. 

Additionally, when the temperature is below 48°F and above 85°F, American Airlines will restrict pet transportation. Due to the limited number of pets allowed in American Airlines, it’s therefore mandatory for passengers traveling with pets to make a booking in advance by calling  +1-855-738-3598. 

Pet in the Cabin

Additionally, pets traveling in Cabin must be older than eight weeks, and their weight plus the carrier shouldn’t exceed 20 pounds.   Also, pets traveling in the Cabin from/to Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and transatlantic flights aren’t permitted as per the American Airlines Pet policy.  However, if the pet is traveling between the U.S and Central America, the Caribbean, Canada, Columbia, and Mexico, a $125 pet fee per carrier will be imposed. 

Pet in Checked Baggage

If the American Airlines Pet policy doesn’t allow your pet to travel in the Cabin, then you can ferry it as checked baggage. Every passenger can only carry up to 2 pets ( cats or dogs older than eight weeks). Additionally, the weight of your pet and the carrier should be within 100lbs. if it’s traveling within the U.S and the Caribbean,  South & Central America, Mexico, and Canada, the fee will be $200 per pet carrier. But if you travel from/to Brazil, then you’ll pay a $150 pet fee

American Airlines A Advantage

American Airlines has a frequent flyer program known as AAdvantage, and it was established in May 1981. By 2011, over 67 million members were making it the lagers and best frequent flyer program in the U.S. When members accumulate AAdvantage points, they can use it to upgrade service class, redeem tickets obtain discounted homestays, car rentals, and merchandise from service partners.  The more you earn points, the more you rank up among the AAdvantage ranks listed below

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Pro
  • Executive Platinum elite

American Airlines members with high ranking will always have access to separate check-in, standby processing, free upgrades, and priority upgrades. Besides flying, you can also earn AAdvantage points by using AAdvantage co-branded credit cards provided by CitiCards. With a minimum of 7,500 miles, you can redeem a one-way ticket. 

American Airlines Cancellation Policy

Are you looking forward to canceling your flight? American Airlines has the best cancelation policy that ensures 100% refund for cancellation done within 24 hours from the time of booking.  However, if you have to cancel your flight after 24 hours, a fee will be imposed depending on your route and fare class. 

For instance, passengers with a Basic Economy ticket don’t have the privilege to counsel their flights after 24 hours of their booking.  For Nonrefundable tickets, the cancelation can be up to $200 (for domestic flights) or $750 on international flights. 

Refundable ticket holders get a full refund on their account within seven days from the time of flight cancellation. No fees or charges are levied. Under certain circumstances (death of a travel companion or military order), passengers can get a full refund even if they cancel the flights after 24 hours. 

Conclusion About American Airlines

Whether you want to book a flight, cancel your ticket or make arrangements for your pets, the provided information is sufficient to provide you with a head start. However, we understand that’s sometimes it takes time to get in touch with American Airlines customer care considering the number of customers they handle daily. That’s why booking through can reduce some stress you undergo when making your travel arrangement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a flight with American Airlines?

By visiting the American Airlines booking website, you can enter your travel information, search your flights and book one flying to your destinations and with affordable airfare. Also, you can book by visiting the American Airlines customer desk at the airport or calling their agents.

What’s the American Airlines cancellation policy?

Any cancelation made within 24 hours from the time of booking is refundable. After 24 hours, Basic Economy cancellation isn’t permitted, while you can get your refund in 7  days for refundable tickets. But if you have to cancel nonrefundable tickets, then a fee not exceeding $200 (domestic) and $750 ( international flights will be imposed.

Can I travel with my pet in the Cabin?

American Airlines Pet policy allows dogs and cats older than eight weeks on board at a fee of $125 per kennel on select routes. Pet can also travel as a carry-on for a fee ranging from $150-$200 depending on the route.

What are American Airline’s classes?

  • Flagship First
  • Flagship business
  • First
  • Premium Economy
  • Main Cabin Extra
  • Main Cabin
  • Basic Economy

What is American Airlines AAdvantage Ranks

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Pro
  • Executive Platinum elite
✆ Call Now: +1-800-201-4576