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Air France is the flag carrier of air travel in France. Its headquarter is located at Tremblay-en-France. Furthermore, it’s a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group & a founding member of SkyTeam global airline alliance. Back in 2013, Air France served 36 destinations around France & operates worldwide to 175 airports in 78 countries that have scheduled passenger & cargo services. 93 of the airport include overseas departments & territories of France.  In the year 2019 air France carried about 46,803,000 passengers. So start booking your Air France flight tickets at Book Flights Ticket.

Air France was created back in October 1933 from a merge of other several airlines including Air Union, and Air Orient. Moreover, Air France works with a mixed fleet from Airbus & Boeing wide-body jets when on long-haul routes. Airbus A320 is used on short-haul routes.

About Air France Flights

Everybody needs to travel in a comfortable place and have an enjoyable journey. With air France, you will have all these.  This cooperation has modern fleets of aircraft that allow you to enjoy the whole journey. Moreover, air France staff wears uniforms which denote their ranks as flight attendants. Those with two silver-sleeve stripes signify a Chief Purser. Those with one silver sleeve stripe designate a Purser and for flight attendants, they don’t have any sleeve stripes.

Female cabin-crew uniforms have stripes at the breast pocket and for the males, they have a sleeve. All these uniforms were designed and created by Christian Lacroix. Air France uses a logo of a seahorse that’s adopted from its predecessor Air Orient.

Air France Stock

Previous close 3.9320
Day’s range 3.91 – 4.01
Open 3.95
Volume 2,222,220
EPS (TTM) -15.8000
52 week range 2.61 – 5.96
Beta (5Y Monthly) 2.11
Average volume 4,409,111
Market Capitalization 2.515B

How do I book a flight with Air France?

Prior booking to any flight is the way to go. This will give you ample time to prepare and relax when it’s the first time you will be traveling. Moreover, with Air France, you will have multiple ways in which you will book your flight. They include:

  1. Online Booking (website)

When booking a flight online, you have to go to Here you will find the book a flight tab then click on it. With air France, you can book a flight in a normal way or book a flight in the mile. When booking in a normal way, you have to state whether it’s a multi-city, one way, or round trip. Then fill in the travel dates when it’s a one-way trip. When it’s a round trip, you will fill in the departure date and the return date. With Multi-city travel, you will have to fill in the departure city and the arriving city as much as you need with the travel dates. 

After filling in those details, you will be required to fill in the number of passengers. Here it’s divided into sections depending on the age. The sections include

  • Infant ranging from 0 to 23 months
  • Children ranging from 2 years to 11 years
  • Youth ranging from 12 years to 17 years
  • Youth between 18 years to 24 years
  • Student Major aged between 18 years to 29 years
  • Adult aged between 30 years to 64 years
  • Senior aged above 65 years & above

After that, you will be required to choose which cabin you prefer (Economy, Premium economy, Business, LA première)

  1. Air France App Booking

Air France app is another way in which one can book his/her flight. The app is available in both the apple store and Google play thus compatible with several devices. With the Air France app, you will do a lot at any place and time.

  • Helps as a travel assistant
  • Easy to purchase a ticket,
  • Check flight times in real-time
  • Get a boarding pass
  • Manage Flying Blue account

Furthermore, with the application’s news feed, you will find anything you require for the next step of the journey. With the app, you will check-in times, find out the current weather at the destination, and download news articles.

Benefits of Air France App

  • Reserve & purchase a ticket
  • With the app, you will choose your flights & reserve your ticket to any of the destinations
  • You will scan your passport as an alternative to entering your details manually
  • Buy your ticket with a debit/credit card and another safe payment method
  • Payment completion can take up to 24hour no extra cost
  • Get a boarding pass
  • Check-in, select a seat, and get a boarding pass straight in the application.
  • Be informed
  • You’ll get notifications informing you of every change concerning your flight in real-time & travel peacefully.
  • Review & modify your reservation
  • You will review & complete all the needed information that’s associated with the reservation made
  • One can personalize the journey depending on the options accessible to you
  • One can make alterations to a flight with the help of the app if the fare permits it
  • Manage flying blue account
  • You will be able to check awards miles balance, change your profile, reserve an award flight, and access a virtual Flying Blue card.
  • Flight times
  • With the app, you will review flight times & send them to your family & friends.
  1. Airport reservation

Moreover, air France booking can also be done at the airport when Air France operates. Here you will find the airline staffs who will guide and direct you on the way to go. You will be required to fill in your travel details for identification.

Air France Classes

As with other airlines, Air France also has various cabins inside their plane for you to enjoy a relaxed and luxurious journey. With Air France international long-haul routes the plane will have three & four-cabin configurations. In all these cabins you will find personal screens with sound video entertainment. With short-haul & medium-haul flights you will have planes with three-cabin configurations. The cabin configuration includes:

  1. La Première class

This is also known as first-class on other aircraft. Moreover, this cabin is just available on chosen Boeing 777-300ER airplane. In this cabin, you will get wood & leather seats that are reclined 180 degrees which forms a two-meter long bed. Furthermore, every seat has a 10.4 inches personal touchscreen screen. With this, you will have interactive gaming & audio-video on demand. Furthermore, on this La Première cabin, you will have an auto-massage feature, a reading light, a privacy divider, a storage drawer, personal telephone, noise-canceling headphones & laptop power ports.

All the travelers in this cabin are given personalized coat service, a cushion, a pure merino wool blanket & a travel kit (facial & body care items for refreshing and moisturizing your skin). Other items include a mattress, hypoallergenic feather-pillow, a duvet, sleepwear, a pair of slippers, and a dust bag for keeping shoes.

  1. Business- class

Business-class cabins and services are accessible on every long-haul aircraft. Inside this cabin, you will get angled lie-flat seats that recline to 2m in length. Every seat has a 10.4 inch TV touchscreen monitor which offers interactive gaming & AVOD. You will also get a reading light, laptop power ports, and a personal telephone.

Furthermore, in this cabin, you will find a three-course meal & a cheese service. An express menu list is served just after takeoff. The new business class has Zodiac Aerospace Cirrus seats. This new business class cabin has a 16-inch screen that offers a distinct onboard navigation experience that’s the same as a tablet. The tablet has a completely redesigned user interface & has 12 languages available. You will choose an entertaining program from over 1,000hrs of entertainment.

Moreover, the seats at this cabin convert into a complete flatbed that has a recline of 180 degrees. It also features a USB port, touchscreen remote control, new noise-canceling headphones, universal electrical outlet, privacy screen, ample storage space, a duvet that has XXL feather-down pillow & an Air France signature cushioned headboard adjustable headrest.

  1. Premium Economy class

This is a dedicated cabin segment that has a 2-4-2 configuration. The seats have 38 inches pitch, 123 degrees reclining fixed-shell seats that include a flexible headrest. You will also get a 10.4-inch touchscreen, universal power ports, personal reading lamp & a flexible leg rest that offers 40% more space.

Passengers boarding this cabin receive two times baggage allowance, payable lounge access, priority airport services & extra flier mileage. Some of the amenities you will get here includes amenities include noise-canceling headphones, improved blankets, an amenity kit & improved meal service. In premium economy class, you will get better cushioning & enhanced footrest that adds comfort to the traveler.

  1. Economy class

Seats in economy class can recline to about 118 degrees.  The seat has winged headrests. Furthermore, other features available in this cabin include a touchscreen TV monitor, personal telephone, the monitor has AVOD Interactive Entertainment-System.

With short-haul flights, snacks are served, and with medium-haul flights, a 3-course cold meal is served. Moreover, free alcoholic beverages including champagne are accessible on every flight. In economy class, you will have an extra legroom chair is known as Seat Plus.

The new and improved economy class for long haul trips will have extra features like a wider table, retractable armrests, universal electrical sockets, winged leather headrests, 

HD 10” screens with the latest in-flight entertainment, more storage space, a USB port, newly designed pillows, and a headphones holder.

Air France Baggage Policy

The number & total weight of Air France Baggage Policy items you are allowed to carry relies on the travel cabin you booked. When on Economy cabin, you will bring one hand baggage item & one personal item. When on Premium Economy, La Première, or Business cabins, you can come with 2 hand baggage items & one personal item.

However, the handbag size shouldn’t exceed 21.7” by 13.8” by 9.9” / 55cm by 35cm by 25cm. This includes pockets, handles, and wheels. Also, remember that the handbag weight shouldn’t exceed 26lb /12 kg.

Other items that you may bring onboard includes

  • Jacket
  • Coat
  • Umbrella
  • Accessories for kids e.g. flexible stroller, diaper bag, car seat, etc.
  • Duty-free product bought at the airport or on your flight
  • Medical equipment e.g. crutches, foldable wheelchair, etc.

Your hand luggage can be stowed at the overhead storage bins found above your seat. Moreover, your item needs to be placed below the seat that’s in front of you.

Additional luggage

When you are traveling with numerous luggage than the allowed, one can purchase a luggage Option. Buying an Air France Baggage Policy Option online, one will receive a 20% discount.

Air France check-in Policy

With air France, we have 3 check-in options. They include:

  1. Website(online)

All that’s needed is you go to the “Check-in” segment and key in your Flying Blue-card number or your booking reference.

  1. Mobile application

Another way to check in is via your smartphone & downloading your boarding pass. This way, you will have everything at your fingertips.

  1. Airport kiosk

Also one can choose to check in with the kiosk at the airport. Its interactive are available full time(247). One can also check-in from the airport on the day of the flight’s departure before the Check-In deadline. You will select your seat & receive a boarding pass.

Receiving Boarding Pass

  • When you are already checked in? You will select how you need to obtain your boarding pass!
  • Download it to your smartphone
  • Receive it via e-mail
  • Collect it yourself at the airport
  • Print it immediately

Air France Pet Policy

Animals are transported in a hold on direct flights. These include within the European Union, Paris-Orly or to & from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Additionally, it’s also allowed on flights which have connections, at Paris-Orly only. For air France to transport an animal, both the container and animal should weigh less than 165 lb / 75 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airplanes are available as Air France’s fleet?

In 2013 Air France fleet had about 350 aircraft in operation. The 101 airplanes belonged to regional subsidiaries. Moreover, the average lifespan of air France airplanes is 9.9 years for the medium-haul fleet & 10.4 years for the long-haul fleet. This makes it one of the most modern & more rational fleets in the business.

How can one transport their horse with Air France?

Animals that weigh below 75kg are transported in the hold. Moreover, horses can be transported by freight. With AIR FRANCE-KLM Cargo you will have a safe, hygienic, and efficient solution for horse transportation.

How can one contact an online help service?

Air France online service is available to assist you with the slightest hardship encountered. You can reach the help service using a telephone, Contact us segment, or e-mail.

How can I listen to Air-France Music?

One can listen to Air France songs on MySpace, Facebook, Netvibes, and Twitter social networks.

What is code-share?

Code-share flights are offered by a company & are sold with the flight numbers of two airlines

Best Conclusion for Air France Flights

With air France, all your air travel issues are solved. With any of the cabins that you will book, you will experience comfortable and luxurious travel. Air France is here to ensure that you get the best service and safe travel around the world.

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