Air Canada Flight Booking

Air Canada Flight Booking Online

Air Canada is the largest airline and the flag carrier of Canada both by fleet size & passengers carried. This airline was founded back in 1937 and offers scheduled & charter air transport to passengers & cargo in 207 destinations around the world. Furthermore, this airline is a founding member of Star Alliance.

Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) was renamed Air Canada following government approval. Back in 2017, Air Canada carried 48 million passengers as it celebrated its 80th anniversary. So start booking your Air Canada flight tickets at Book Flights Ticket.

Air Canada has more airplanes which include Boeing 777, Boeing 787 Dreamliner (wide-body aircraft for long-haul routes), Airbus A330 & uses Airbus A320 family airplanes including A319, A321, A320 variants). Other airplanes in the fleet include Airbus A220-300 and Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft that are suitable for short-haul routes.

About Air Canada

Air Canada has other programs and initiatives (Air Canada Foundation) that offers financial support to Canadian-registered aids. This is focused on enhancing children’s health, well-being and also reach new heights via our major pillars. Services offered by Air Canada Foundation includes

  • Connecting kinds to medical care
  • Eliminating child poverty
  • Helping kids to fulfill their dreams

Presently, Air Canada Foundation brings about over $5 million every year & impacts thousands of kids with its numerous programs & partnerships.

Air Canada Vacations, offers vacation packages to about 90 destinations.

Air Canada Stock

Previous close 25.06
Day’s range 24.51 – 25.39
Open 25.25
Volume 2,922,883
EPS (TTM) -13.46
Beta (5Y Monthly) 2.45
52-week range 14.48 – 31.00
Ask 25.13 x 0
Average volume 3,174,396
Market Capitalization 8.983B

How to Book an Air Canada Flights

With air Canada, you are required to book a flight for you to travel. There are various ways in which you can book a flight with Air Canada. They include:

  1. Online ( )

Online booking is one of the ways of booking a flight with Air Canada. To achieve this, you have to visit aircanada and then move to the flight’s tab that has an airplane icon. While on the flight page, you will have to state whether you will pay for the flight with euros or points. Also, you will select from the drop-down menu if the flight is a round trip, one-way trip, or multi-city trip. Furthermore, you will also need to state the number of passengers traveling and if they are adults (16 years and above), Youth (12 years & 15 years), Child (2 years & 11 years), Infant placed on lap (0 & 2 years), Infant on their seat (0 & 2 years).

If you have a promotional code, you will also key it in on this page to have a discounted travel cost. After all that you need to state the place, you will be departing from, the date, and the destination. If you selected a round trip you will be required to fill in the return date. Moreover, if it was a multi-city trip, you will fill in the cities and the travel dates.

Still, on the same page, you can click on the car tab with the car icon to book a car and view your flight status.

  1. Air Canada app

Another way to book your flight with Air Canada is via their app. The app is available in both the Google play store and the Apple store.

Benefits of air Canada app

  • Improved performance
  • The app is made simple to navigate. All the unnecessary steps are removed and fine-tuned the speed, to improve its general performance.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation

This app has a turn-by-turn in-terminal navigation feature and it’s a first for a Canadian airline. It’s available in Montreal (YUL), Vancouver (YVR), and Toronto (YYZ) to start.

  • One-handed design

Its interface design is made to suit the demands of one-handed use. It’s best for people that are multi-tasking as they sipping a latte with one hand & operate a mobile boarding pass with another hand.

  • Has everything you require to take a flight

Since this mobile app is made to help you with any flight-related things, it has several features that will help you in booking a flight. You will have access to your mobile boarding pass, change a reservation, receive notifications & stream TV shows, movies, music, etc. using a Rouge Player.

  1. Airport Reservation

Another suitable way of booking a flight with Air Canada is via airport reservation. Here you are needed to walk to the nearest airport office where air Canada operates. You will be needed to fill in your travel details and pay to be given a receipt.

Air Canada Classes

Like other airlines, Air Canada also has different cabins to suit different people depending on their needs. With air Canada, you will have economy class, premium economy class, business class, signature class, and Premium rouge

Economy class

This is the lowest cabin available in air Canada aircraft. Here you will love complimentary spirits, wines & meals. Moreover, you will have hours of on-demand entertainment near you. Features that you will find in this economy class cabin includes

  • An individual 8.9-inch touch-screen TV (with Boeing 787-8 aircraft it is 9″)
  • In-seat power for laptop
  • More hours of top-notch entertainment
  • A USB port for charging
  • Single-pin sound jack for the headset
  • A flexible and foldable headrest for a suitable sleeping position
  • Sanitized and pre-packaged comfortable blanket and pillow
  • Ambient-mood lighting for individual reading light and to ease jet lag

Beverages and meals

Here you will relax, & enjoy the menus available in Economy Class. With flights that are departing North America, you will have a pre-packaged meal box that has hot casserole, bread roll, side salad & dessert. Flights moving to North America, an enriched pre-packaged meal-box will be given. Moreover, you will be served a mid-flight cold sandwich on chosen flights. Before landing on flights to Europe, a cold light meal will also be served in a box. Flights from Europe, hot snacks will be offered.

Bar services in this cabin include bottled water, black tea, Lavazza coffee, sized bottles of white or red wine, and few varieties of soft drinks including Coke, Ginger Ale, and Diet Coke

Premium Economy Class

Here, you will pamper yourself with experience of larger seats, priority airport services, and extra legroom. Some of the features you will find in this cabin includes:

  • Great recline of about 17.8 cm/7” & a bigger seat unlike with the Economy Class
  • Boeing 777-300 it measures 50.8 cm/20” between the armrests
  • Boeing 787-8 it measures 49.53 cm/19.5” between the armrests
  • With Airbus A330-300 it’s 45.7 cm/18” in-between armrests
  • A comfy 96.5 cm/ 38” seat pitch with sufficient room which stretch out
  • Up to date entertainment system with a personal touch-screen TV
  • More hours of top-notch on-demand entertainment
  • Single-pin sound jack for your complimentary earbud or headset which you will keep after the flight
  • USB charging port
  • In-seat power
  • A flexible headrest and a comfortable pillow & blanket
  • 2-free checked bags
  • Ambient-mood lighting & a personal reading light

Moreover, with a ticket on premium economy class, you will be given priority boarding, baggage handling, and check-in. Meals and beverages will be served all through the journey. To quench your thirst, services at the bar will include Lavazza coffee, bottled water & black tea. You will also have a few varieties of soft drinks including Coke, Ginger Ale, and Diet Coke. Red/white wine for individual-sized bottles will also be served

Air Canada Signature Class

Signature Class in air Canada aircraft is a definition of a luxurious trip. You will relax & unwind with state-of-the art-amenities, unparalleled service, and sumptuous cuisine.

 Furthermore Signature Class is accessible just on European, Pacific, Asian & South American routes.

Here, you will find Classic Pods or executive, with massage function and lumbar support. The seats can be completely converted to a completely flat bed of about 203.2 cm long. Moreover, you will be provided with a sanitized & clean pillow, mattress pad & duvet packaged together

International Premium Rouge

This is a cabin with a more luxurious experience. Here you will have more privileges including

  • Check 2 bags with a max weight of 32kg each
  • Breeze via the airport station with priority boarding and check-in
  • Appreciate a larger seat which has legroom & more reclined with curtain dividers
  • Access a wireless-inflight entertainment system using a complimentary iPad

Furthermore, at Premium Rouge you will have premium hot meals & a collection of wine, beverages, spirits & snacks.

Air Canada Baggage Policy

Air Canada allows one to come along with some luggage for free while others will be carried at a fee.

Carry-on Baggage

You are allowed to carry a personal bag that it’s dimensioned shouldn’t exceed 33cm * 16cm * 43cm. Moreover, one can also come with a standard bag which shouldn’t exceed 55cm * 23cm * 40cm. Remember this measurement includes handles and wheels. No weight limit applies to carry-on baggage. However, your bag needs to be light enough so that it can be stored in the overhead bin. The personal item can be kept below the seat that’s in front of you.

For those traveling with an infant on your lap, you are allowed to come with one extra standard article containing your child’s belongings.

Checked Baggage

To determine free checked luggage allowance & any extra fees if it exceeds it use the checked baggage calculator.

Any applicable luggage fees can be paid when you check-in for a flight. Ways in which you can pay for the luggage includes:

  • Online
  • On your mobile phone
  • At the Air Canada counter check-in
  • At the airport using self-service check-in kiosks

Extra Bags & Overweight Items

When your bag surpasses the allowance permitted by your fare kind in size, number, or weight, an extra checked baggage cost will apply. It’s advised that you should arrive at the airport 120 minutes earlier than your departure time if you will be checking extra bags, oversized pieces, or overweight items.

Delayed/Damaged Baggage

Air Canada always ensures that your baggage will arrive at your destination with you. However, sometimes things don’t go as intended. In case it happens you need to inform a baggage service agent of air Canada at the airport. The luggage agent will request some information. These includes

  • Contact information
  • Baggage claim stubs
  • Description of the luggage & its contents
  • Boarding passes

This information will assist with the formation of a WorldTracer incident report. When your bag reaches the destination, you will get a communication call to arrange delivery.

Air Canada check-in Policy

It’s always good that you should be at the airport earlier before your flight. This will give you ample time to check-in, go via security screening and drop off your bags. To prevent delays at the airport, we advise you to reach 24 hours before the departure using an online or Air Canada App. If you would choose to check-in at the airport, you need to arrive before check-in time.

Baggage drop-off

Moreover, you need to ensure that you arrive before the drop-off counter for baggage closes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early can one check in?

One can check-in for a flight as early as 24 hours earlier to departure time when you check in with online way. When checking in with our self-service kiosks it needs to perform 12 hours before departure time.

Can one get a refund of the ticket they didn’t use?

The ticket refunds only under certain conditions depending on a range of conditions. They include your itinerary and the fare type purchased. Air Canada can cancel every purchased ticket & offer a complete refund minus penalty for 24 hours after its purchase.

How can one choose their preferred seat?

There are various ways in which one can choose a seat before the flight. They include:

  • When making a booking of a new flight
  • You can choose a seat from the seat map in the Seat Selection-screen seat.
  • After booking
  • With the My Bookings section found on the homepage, you will retrieve your booking & then check for the Change seat link.
  • One can also select a seat when checking in the flight online, at the airport check-in kiosk, or on your mobile phone.

Do points earn expire?

Yes, points earned can expire. However, they expire before 18months if your account is inactive.

Can one cancel or change an Aeroplan flight reward ticket after booking?

Plans can change fast which can lead to Aeroplan flight changing or canceling. However, flight rewards refund up or are changed to 2 hours before departure time. Flight reward cancellations & changes may be an issue to a non-refundable fee.

Conclusion for Air Canada Flights

Air Canada is offering excellent service to every customer. Whether you will board a flight in economy class or a first-class cabin, you will have a relaxed and enjoyable journey. Since security and health are the priority at air Canada, no need to worry about your luggage, information, or your flight in general.

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