About Aeromexico Airlines

Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Allowance

Aeromexico Airlines began in 1934 at the time when it was known as Aero naves de Mexico.  At that time, the airline was only operating domestically. However, it’s the main flagship carrier of Mexico as it is equipped with 71 flights covering over 71 destinations domestically and internationally.

About 13679 employees rely on Aeromexico Airlines to meet their daily needs. Aeromexico Airlines has four major hubs, with the main founding hub located in Mexico City (Mexico City International Airport). Lastly, it’s among the founding members of the SkyTeam alliance, which explains why it works closely with KLM, LAN Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

Aeromexico Airlines Stock

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Day’s Range 6.75 – 6.77
52-week Range 3.97 – 9.8
Volume 9, 854
Average Volume 617,623
Market capitalization 4.58B

How do I book a flight with Aeromexico Airlines?

If it’s your first time making Aeromexico airlines booking, then you’ll find the whole process quick and straightforward. Below are the major ways through which you can make your reservation.

Aeromexico Official Website

Once you’ve visited the official page, click on the flight’s tab, then add your name, destination, number of passages, destinations, and other necessary information.  After that, choose your trip type (round trip, one-way or multi-city). You’ll see a list of flights, choose one, process the payment, and complete the Aeromexico Airlines booking. A confirmation number will be sent to your email.

Mobile App

Aeromexico airlines booking is also possible through the airline mobile app compatible with iOS and Android phones. Follow the same process as listed above to book your flight.

Reservation at Airport

Visit the Aeromexico ticket office at the airport as you’ll find the agent who will ask you for information about your flight. Once you share this information, they will help you with Aeromexico airlines book a flight.

Travel Agent

Well, you may be living in a city where getting an Aeromexico ticket office isn’t easy, but you want to get personal when booking your flight.  You can get InTouch with the agent, ask for discounted flights and find a cheap travel deal. Also, you’ll receive notifications about your flight, so you don’t have last-minute surprises.

Aeromexico Airlines Classes

What plans do you have for your journey? Do you want to fly in the most luxurious class or any other Aeromexico Airlines Classes?  The truth about flying domestically or internationally is that it can be tiresome, especially if you aren’t comfortable. It’s for this reason that Aeromexico Airlines have six distinct classes with different features. So, let’s take a look at each of them.

Basic Fare

Among other Aeromexico Airlines Classes, Basic Fare is the recommended option for domestic flights. You can carry one free personal item (handbags, belt bag, computer, or briefcase) that perfectly fits under the seat, and if it doesn’t meet the requirement, it shall be treated as carry-on baggage.

  • No changes are allowed, and it’s non-refundable
  • Assigned random seat
  • One carry-on and one personal item (for international flights only)
  • No upgrade

Classic Fares

With Aeromexico Airlines Classic ticket, you’ll have upgrade options and enjoy a free seat selection service. Snacks and beverages are provided onboard, and you can earn more Premier Points than Basic Fare.  Additionally, you can change time, route, and date for free. One carry-on bag (1 checked baggage for Asia and Europe) is permitted for Classic ticket holders.

  • Name change not allowed for international flights
  • Upgrade to Clase Premier or AM Plus
  • Carry-on bag not more than 10kg


This class offers two carry-on baggage with weight not exceeding 10kg and one checked baggage free of charge. Despite the fact you can’t change your name for international flights, you’ll be able to do it on a domestic flight for $1,000MXN +VTA.  Furthermore, passengers can change flight, time, data, and destination without charges. You can get a refund in the form of credit and also benefit from complimentary seat selection

AM Plus

AM Plus Ticket grants you SkyPriority benefits such as priority baggage check-in, ticketing, de-planning, and boarding. Furthermore, you’ll get extra legroom to make your journey comfortable. Other perks include

  • Two carry-on baggage (up to 10kg) and one checked baggage
  • Earn 125% premier points
  • Free change of flight, time, date, or destination
  • Priority boarding, check-in, and baggage
  • Upgrades available


This is an exclusive and luxurious class that provides unrivalled comfort and satisfaction.  You’ll be charged nothing for the first change of flight, destination, time, and date.  You also have priority services, including baggage, boarding, and check-in. Other than two carry-on baggage (10kg for the two bags), you’ll also have two checked baggage on board for free.  You can only correct your name but can’t change the name. 

  • Service & Seat in Premier Cabin
  • Salon Premier access
  • Non-refundable, exclusive in-flight menu


Accepting additional flexibility enables you to add no show, EMD, unlimited changes reimbursement to your benefits. Both your two carry-on bags should weigh a total of 10kg. Also, you come with two checked baggage. Passengers can change the date, time, destination, and flight without charges.

  • Priority services (boarding, baggage, and check-in)
  • Saloon Premier access
  • Name correction allowed
  • Ultimate services in the Premier Cabin

Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy

To ensure safe and sound travel, you have to plan effectively, including carrying bags within the recommended weight and size. This is because Aeromexico Airlines baggage policy has some limitations, which we shall cover below.

AeroMexico Carry-On Baggage

Every ticket holder is allowed to have one personal item, one carry-on bag (not for Basic Fare on a domestic flight)) free of charge.  However, the bags must meet the weight and size requirement; else, they will be considered under checked baggage.

Carry-on bag

  • Should be within a measurement of 21.5-inch x 15.7-inch x 10-inch
  • 22 pounds (10kg) maximum weight

Personal item

The personal item you can have onboard is a briefcase, computer, purse, waist bag, raincoat, umbrella, or jacket, but it must fit below the cabin seat.  Also, the weight of carry-on bags and the personal item should add up to 22lbs.

Special Items

Despite the items mentioned above, passengers traveling with infants or those with a disability or prevailing health conditions can come with any of the following items for free.

  • For infants: 2 items; Stroller, Diaper bag, or Bassinet
  • For People with disabilities: wheelchairs, crutches, or orthopaedic devices
  • Sports equipment are also allowed on board as long they meet size requirements

Checked Baggage Allowance

The fee, requirements, and the number of the checked bags depend on the destination as well as the class as stated on Aeromexico Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy. We shall cover a summary that can help you plan your journey without any form of frustrations and embarrassment during Aeromexico Air Lines check-in.  For domestic flights, checked bags in Primer class should be less than or equal to 66 pounds (30kg), while Coach class allows 55 pounds (25kg).

For international flights

  Premier Class Coach Class
Flights from/to Central America and the U.S Two bags: 70lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size) 1 bag: 50lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size)
Flights to/from Europe Two bags: 70lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size) Two bags: 50lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size)
Flights to/from Asia and South America Three bags: 70lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size) Two bags: 70lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size).
Flights to/from Lima Three bags: 70lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size) Two bags: 50lbs (max. weights) and 62-inch (max. size)

Excess, Oversized, and Overweight Baggage Policy

Excess baggage fees: If you have over three bags, you’ll pay between $85 to $95 per bag according to Aeromexico Air Lines baggage policy.

Overweight baggage: a bag weighing over 50 pounds is categorized as overweight baggage. Additionally, your checked bag shouldn’t be over 99lbs. The fee will be added on top of the standard, oversized, or excess baggage fees.

Oversized Baggage:  Aeromexico Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy categorized luggage with a linear size of more than 62 inches as an oversized bag.  For Domestic flights, you can be charged up to $40 whole the oversized baggage fee for international flights ranges from $150 to $250.

Aeromexico Airlines Check-in Policy

Other than Aeromexico airlines book a flight, and you also have to ensure you go through the Aeromexico Air Lines check-in process. Luckily, Aeromexico Airline offers Web Check-in services that enable passengers to obtain their boarding pass 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. For passengers with checked baggage, it’s recommended that you check in 90 minutes before departure. 

However, if you don’t have a bag to check-in, then Aeromexico Air Lines check-in states that you should check in within 60 minutes of departure. In case of any difficulty with the online web check-in, kindly call +52 55 5133 4000 for further assistance.

Aeromexico Airlines Pet policy

When you travel abroad, you may not want to leave your pet behind as they may be depressed.  Luckily, Aeromexico Airlines Pet policy allows six pets to travel in the cabin and hold. However, each passenger can only bring one pet.  Also, Aeromexico Airlines allows cats, caged birds, and domesticated dogs.

Depending on your flight, the maximum weight of the pet in the cabin can either be 15 pounds (7kg) or 20 pounds (9kg). For Domestic travel, the pet fee will be 1000MXN, while travellers from/to Canada, the USA, South, and Central America will pay $125.

However, pets that don’t qualify to travel in a cabin will be transported in the hold, but the pet and carrier weight should be within 99lbs. (45kg). The cost of pets traveling in hold will vary depending on route, pet volume, and weight.  Make arrangements by contacting Aeromexico Airlines on +1-855-738-3598

Aeromexico Airlines Club Premier

Club Premier is a frequent flyer program offered by Aeromexico Air Line, and it allows you to accumulate points every time you travel. There are various ways to earn Club premier points, including flying on Aeromexico or SkyTeam flights, staying in recommended hotels, using a U.S. Bank Credit Card, shopping through Mall Premier, or car rentals.

According to the Aeromexico mission, the loyal customer deserves to be rewarded. That’s why Aeromexico Airlines’ Club Premier enables customers to accumulate points that enable them to climb up the ranks from Gold level, Platinum Level, to Titanium Level. Each of these levels has unique perks that can help you find cheap Aeromexico flights.

You earn Premier points in terms of kilometres, where 1 mile is equated to 1.6 Premier points. Also, the points will expire 24 months from the last activity. According to Aeromexico, the activity includes crediting a flight, purchasing, donating, redeeming points, and transferring miles.

Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy

No matter how much you have planned for your journey, there may be a setback that can hinder you from traveling. You may want to cancel your flight which explains why understanding Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy is important. By cancelling your flight, you can get a full or partial refund, depending on your situation. For you to be able to cancel your flight, you must have booked through airport counters, aeromexico.com, or the Aeromexico call center.

24-hour Cancellation Policy

Also, Aeromexico Airline’s risk-free 24-hour Cancellation Policy allows passengers to change or cancel the flight without any cancellation fees. However, the cancelation must be done within 24 hours from the day of Aeromexico airlines booking. Also, your departure date must be more than seven days at the time you initiate the cancellation.

  • It doesn’t apply to Basic and Value fares
  • Group Fares not covered by the 24-hour cancellation policy
  • Not for ticket bought using miles
  • Proceed within 7-10 business days

After 24 hours

Suppose you have to cancel your flight 24 hours after Aeromexico airlines booking, then you’ll incur a cancellation fee of $200.  Once you request a refund, you’ll get a credit voucher or ticket refund with 365 days validity from the date of cancelation. However, the cancellation fee doesn’t apply on flights within the U.S, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Due to health issues, death, military orders, judiciary act, the legality of Visa/passport or deprivation of travel documents; a passenger will get a full refund after flight cancelation.

Frequently Asked Questions For Aeromexico Airlines

Q.Can I cancel Aeromexico Airlines’ non-refundable ticket?

Yes, however, you pay a cancelation fee ranging from $200 to $500 based on airfare type, destination, and flight length. After cancellation, you can request a refund which you’ll receive the remaining airfare in e-Credit form within seven days.

Q.How much luggage is permitted on Aeromexico Airlines?

Aeromexico Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy allows passengers to have one carry-on and one personal item, and the two must weigh a total of 22 pounds (10kg). Also, the carry-on baggage shouldn’t exceed 21.5-inch x 15.7-inch x 10-inch. Additionally, you can have 0-3 bags based on your cabin class and route.

Q.Can I travel with my pet on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico Airlines Pet policy allows six pets (preferably dog, cat, or domesticated birds) in the cabin. The transportation fees are 1000MXN (domestic flight) and $125 (for international flights).

Q.What are the major Aeromexico Airline Classes?

Aeromexico Airline offers Basic Fare, Classic Fares, Flexible, AM Plus, Comfort, and Premier Class, and there are benefits for every class you choose.

Q.Is there a web option for Aeromexico Airlines check-in?

Other than checking in at the airport, you can also check in through the web and obtain your boarding pass within 24 hours of your departure time.

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