Qantas Airways

Qantas airways come into existence back on 16th November 1920 and were started in Winton, Queensland by Sir Hudson Fysh Sir Fergus McMaster, and Paul McGinness. Moreover, Qantas airways is among the largest Australian airline offering international flights to international destinations and has a large fleet size. Qantas is among the oldest airline in the world that has had a constant record of operations since it existed. So start traveling with Qantas Airways by booking your tickets with our Online and Offline Flight Tickets Booking Deals.

This airline started its frequent flyer program in the early ’90s. Since then the airline has grown to have a 90 percent share of the business traveler market around Australia. Qantas has built a reputation for its excellence in engineering & maintenance, operational reliability, customer service & safety. Qantas groups transport customers using 2 complementary airways brands which include Jetstar and Qantas. These airline brands operate domestic, regional, & international services.

About Qantas airways

Qantas airway is celebrating 100-years since its existence as the Spirit of Australia. With Qantas airways, safety is always and will always be their number one priority. The company started with a handmade biplane that carried only 2 people in the region to carry more than 50,000, 000 passengers all over the world.

Qantas has several fleets for moving to various destinations. Moreover, the aircraft have various features for you to enjoy an experience to various routes that you will be flying. Through their website, you will be aware of the features and comfort you will get before boarding. Some of the aircraft at Qantas includes:

  • Airbus A330
  • B787-9 Dreamliner
  • Airbus A380
  • Boeing 737
  • Airbus A320
  • Flying Art Series
  • Boeing 717

Qantas airways have greatly contributed to the charities, arts, & sporting groups to the community around.

Qantas airline stock

Previous close 4.53
Open 4.55
Low 4.53
High 4.66
Market Capitalization 8.75B
P/E ratio
Div yield
Prev close 4.53
52-wk high 5.79
52-wk low 3.12
Volume 2360
Average Volume 1067

How to Book a flight with Qantas airlines

There are various straightforward ways of booking a flight at Qantas Airlines. Some of the ways include:

  1. Qantas airline official website

You can easily book a flight with Qantas airline using their official website which is When on their page, click on the book tab. Here you will get more links including flight, travel insurance, hotel and Airbnb, group travels, activities, car, flights to Australia, etc. You will be required to click on the link you need service of. When in need of traveling, click on a flight, then make a flight booking. Here you will be required to state whether it will be a one-way journey or a round trip. Furthermore, you will be required to fill several adults, kids, or several infants you will be traveling with.

The other thing that you will be required is the place you will board a flight from, your flight destination, and the time & date of travel. When with points or vouchers, you can redeem the points to reduce your travel cost.

  1. Qantas airline application

With the quanta app, you can book & manage your flight. This application is available to be downloaded on your Android, tablet, or iPhone. Furthermore, it can also be used with Apple Watch thus flying is made easy despite the device you will be using.

With the application, you will have several benefits. They include:

  • Book a trip

Search & book flights, car hire, hotels, request an Uber, etc. Additionally, one can also set fare-alerts for your desired destinations.

  • Seat selection

With the app, you can select, manage or view your seat selection right up till check-in opens.

  • Check-in

Also with the help of the app with few taps to get a boarding pass on your smartphone so that you will get via the airport.

  • Contact us

With the application, you can easily contact and get help. Moreover, you can also use Qantas Messaging in this application through settings.

  • Manage trip

Qantas app will offer you a personalized timeline & you will also manage your trip information at one place using My Trips features.

  • Qantas Flyer

With this app, you’ll have access to your digital Qantas Club membership or Qantas Frequent Flyer, recent activity, Status Credits balance, or Qantas Points via My QFF.

  • Alerts

With an alerts feature, you will be updated all through when in check-in, baggage carousel, boarding time, departure gate, etc.

  • Airport Reservation

This is another way in which you can book a flight with Qantas. You need to visit the Qantas ticket office where you will get a staff who will request your details concerning the flight. When done, you will receive a ticket that confirms your details and information.

  • Seat reservation

This will depend on whether you like sitting near a window or you desire the aisle. Furthermore, there are those people that need some extra space for stretching out. Below is the information you need to know for you to request a seat.

Seat selection cost

Flights Routes Seat selection Preferred seats Extra legroom seats
Australian Domestic  All Free From $5 From $15 
International long-haul Australia – London, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, New York, Santiago and Dallas/Fort Worth
Singapore – London
$35 From $40 From $120
International medium-haul Australia – Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing, Denpasar, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, Honolulu  and Tokyo.
Los Angeles – New York, Perth – Auckland
$30 From $33 From $60
International short-haul Australia – New Zealand (excludes flights between Perth & Auckland), New Caledonia and Port Moresby $11 From $15 From $18

Baggage information with interline flights policy

Interline flights are operated by a different airline and don’t have a ‘QF’ flight number. The airline with a flight number that appears first on a ticket determines if the baggage rules will apply to every other flight in an itinerary.

Economy Premium economy Business First
1 piece 2 pieces 2 pieces 2 pieces

With economy class, the total dimensions of each luggage shouldn’t exceed 115cm(45”) and for non-rigid garment bags, they shouldn’t exceed 185cm(73”). Moreover, the baggage weight of every piece shouldn’t exceed 7kg (15lb).

Business/ Premium Economy/First: Neither of the baggage should exceed 45” (115cm) or weighs more than 7kg(15lb). If there is a non-rigid second piece its total dimensions shouldn’t exceed 73” (185cm) & its weight shouldn’t exceed 7kg(15lb).

Dimensions are normally calculated by adding together the width, depth, and height of the baggage.


Children have a similar baggage allowance as adults. Furthermore, only kids aged 12 years are allowed one car seat & one collapsible pram, pushchair, or stroller as an extra checked baggage allowance.


Adults that are accompanied by infants are entitled to check-in of up to 3 infant items for every traveling infant. The infant items may include a collapsible pushchair or stroller, collapsible bassinet or cot, baby capsule, or car seat. Remember, charges may apply for every baggage carried when they exceed the three infant items and checked baggage allowance.

Service handling-fees

Booking fee

No booking fee is needed when making online bookings at However, the following fees may apply when you make a booking via Qantas Contact Centres, Qantas airport locations, or Qantas Travel outlets.

Economy Premium economy Business First
US$30 US$30 US$30 US$30

Qantas airways departments

Qantas has different departments which handle various services. The departments include:

  1. Engineering & maintenance

The engineering & maintenance department has employs 3,300 qualified personnel from airline staff of nearly 30,000. This has enabled the company to establish its reputation as tops the world’s more efficient airlines. Moreover, Qantas is the leading edge when it comes to technology and development. It constantly improves its products, systems, and processes.

With CMS (Component Maintenance Services) workshops it offers a full maintenance solution to the following:

  1. Aircraft Brakes and Wheels
  2. Electro Plating
  3. Aircraft Batteries
  4. Water Waste Systems
  5. Cargo Universal Load Devices (ULDs)
  6. Aircraft Rafts & Slides
  7. Galley items: ovens, chillers, galley carts, coffee makers, etc.
  8. Process Workshops: welding, machining, shot peening
  9. Signcraft
  10. Non-Destructive testing
  11. Repairs of Thrust Reversers & Nose Cowl Composite
Aircraft Engines
A330-200/300 Garrett 85/331/660/700 APU’s
B767-300/300F CF6-50/80C2 & E1
B747-400 RB211-524 Series & Trent
A380 PWA 901 APU
B737-300F/400/800 CFM56-3 Series
  1. Flight training

Every year, the company instructs, examines, and develops the skill of over 12,000 customers & Qantas aircrew.

  1. Procurement

The main objective of the procurement department in Qantas airways is to maximize shareholder value in every substantial supplier relationship.

  1. Qantas Ground Handling & Fixed-Base Operators

Qantas offers dependable ground handling & FBO services to a wide range of customers.

  1. Government, international affairs, and industry

Qantas remains a key economic enabler & facilitator of development in the national economy.

Qantas Airlines Classes Policy

Select your best way to fly. You need to explore the dining menus, entertainment, cabin features & more. You will get all these and more others when traveling First class, Business class, Premium Economy class or Economy class.

  • First Class

With a First-class chamber, the world awaits you with time to relax or work in the luxury of. Moreover, in first class, anything that’s expected for every traveler will need all through the journey. This includes an elite First lounge to your private suite. You will also find quality restaurant menus, spa treatments, the latest entertainment, and fine Australian wines.

  • Business-class

With business class, you’ll fly with ease in a superior environment of Business. This includes comfort, style, and space. It’s thoughtfully made to suit you all the time since the journey starts. In a business class chamber, you will explore award-winning Business lounges, quality dining options, your cabin, sommelier chosen wines & entertainment.

  • Premium Economy class

With Premium Economy class enjoy extra comfort in a special cabin that has a dedicated crew. Moreover, you will also have time to stretch out in a spacious and reclining seat, award-winning wines, and dine on a modern-day menu as you enjoy your journey.

  • Economy class

Here, you will feel at home as you fly with us. Moreover, you will also find more on your inflight experience with a reclining seat, inflight dining options, and entertainment. Here, you will have a friendly crew who will serve you on your next international or domestic flight.

Qantas Airlines Pet Policy

Pets are important to families, thus it’s right when one travels with his/her pet. Qantas airlines have offers a booking portal online for pets & other animals. However, at the moment it’s temporarily disabled. Thus, you need to contact one of the preferred pet-travel specialists.

Qantas Airways Check-in Policy

Check-in online & get a boarding pass from one day (24 hours) before your flight.  Below is a check-in time for various destinations.

Flight departing Recommended check-in time Latest check-in
Domestic flight (QF400 & above) 45 minutes 30 minutes
Domestic to international travel (QF400 & above) 60 minutes 45 minutes
Domestic Qantas codeshare services operated by Jetstar (QF5000 to QF5999) 60 minutes 30 minutes
Group check-in for domestic flights (QF400 & above) or for domestic travel where your flight departs from an Australian international terminal (QF1 to QF399) 90 minutes 60 minutes
International Qantas codeshare services operatd by Jetstar at every Australian international airports 120 minutes 60 minutes
International Qantas at all Australian international airports Economy/Premium Economy: 120 minutes
Business/First: 90 minutes
Economy/Premium Economy: 90 minutes
Business/First: 60 minutes
Domestic travel from an Australian international terminal 120 minutes 60 minutes

Qantas Airways Cancellation Policy

Things may not always go as expected. Thus, you need to know how you can cancel a booking. If your Qantas flight booking was made online or through chosen Qantas offices, you will be able to cancel the booking online by entering your legal details.  After you retrieve your booking, you need to click on the ‘Cancel’ button. Then follow the steps to cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my details safe?

Absolutely. Your details on Qantas Learning-Hub is a personalized & safe digital learning platform.

I forgot my password?

When you forget your password just move to the Help and Support Page then click on the Contact us page to be assisted in resetting the password

How will I submit feedback?

To submit feedback, you need to go to the Help and Support Page then click on the Contact us page to give your feedback.

How can I join Learning Hub?

Joining a learning hub is simple and easy. All you need to do is click on the Register button which is on the Qantas Agency-Connect learning hub. After that, complete filling a registration form. You will receive a computerized email response that confirms access details. After all this, you can access the Hub & update the user profile.

Why is the number of learning bites reduced?

At the start of 2021, the Learning-Hub moved to an improved and new digital platform. This enabled us to align content with changed market state, network offering, and current product.


Qantas airways are the most suitable airline to move around the world with. With it, your luggage and information will be safer at all times. Furthermore, since Qantas was started, it has always offered the best travel services at all times. You will enjoy excellent services from qualified personnel.

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