Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Can you change the name on a flight ticket at Delta Airlines?

As per the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules, the name on a passenger’s boarding pass must match the name on the government-issued ID. If your name on the ticket doesn’t exactly match the name on your identity proof, the airline may deny flight access to you. That’s why it is significant to ensure your full name appears accurately on the flight ticket – without any mistakes, misspellings, or typos.

Name Correction at Delta Airlines

To make sure that the traveler who has bought the ticket is flying (and not another person), Delta Airlines needs a valid first, middle, and last name. Only the initials of your name won’t be accepted. Delta also doesn’t allow a complete name change, but you can correct spelling errors in your name (limited to 3 letters) without any charge.

Delta Name Change Because of Marriage

How can I change my last name at Delta Airlines?

If you have to make a change in your name after marriage/ divorce, you need to submit proper legal documentation (marriage certificate or divorce decree) with the airline. Delta Airlines will reissue your ticket after making the changes. Note that a name change fee will be applicable in this case.

Name Change Fee on Delta Airlines

Will I be charged separately for changing the name of the passenger on Delta?

On any U.S. airline, passengers get up to 24 hours for correcting any name-related mistake, free of cost. If you want to change the entire name instead of just a letter, you can cancel the ticket (for free) and rebook another one with the correct spelling of the name.

After 24 hours, the above waiver will expire. You will have to pay USD 200 as the fee to proceed with name correction/ name change.

How Can I Rectify a Name Typo on My Delta Airlines flight ticket?

Does the name on your flight ticket appear incorrectly? You should immediately contact the Delta Airlines’ office in your country/ city, or your travel agent who has booked your ticket. You can also call + 1-844-933-2065. During peak hours, you may have to for some time before you get a response.

If you find the error when you’re already at the airport, go to the ticket desk of Delta Airlines with a valid ID proof.

Tip: Don’t panic if your initial or middle name hasn’t been printed. Your first and last names must be correct as that’s what most airlines check minutely.

SkyMiles Name Change Policy on Delta Airlines

You can update/ change your name and your gender or date of birth if you have a SkyMiles account and provide supporting legal documents. To request a change of name, log in to the SkyMiles account and fill out the Identity Verification Form. Attach a copy of the necessary documentation (like your marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, etc.), and submit the online form.

If you want to make alterations to your middle name, you won’t have to submit supporting documents. You can add a middle name, replace the middle name with an initial, or replace the middle initial with a full middle name. To do any of these changes, simply login to your existing SkyMiles account and edit the middle name.

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