Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy | Know More Information

Delta Airlines doesn’t charge passengers anymore when they change flights within the US or for international flights that originate in the United States. If the new flight ticket is more expensive, passengers only need to make payment for the fair difference. However, Basic Economy passengers will not get the fee waiver. As Basic Economy tickets are non-cancelable, non-changeable, and non-refundable, free flight change is not possible. The Flight Change Policy of Delta Airlines allows travelers to change their flight (time, destination, or/ and date) or claim a refund (which the airline returns in the form of e-Credit) in the following situations:

Here is an overview of Delta’s Flight Change Policy

  • If done within 24 hours of flight booking, a traveler can alter the flight’s time, location, or/ and date without paying any additional charges. This facility is for all types of tickets, including Basic Economy fare (which becomes non-refundable if 24 hours exceed).
  • Delta Airlines has waived the change flight fees for all domestic flights in the United States and international flights from North America to any location. This includes:
  • Basic Economy tickets purchased up to April 30, 2021: Passengers might be able to make changes in some tickets by paying a fee. If your source city is in Europe, Africa, or some other foreign region, you can change the ticket by paying a small fee. To know the details, check the ticket you’ve bought.
  • Flight change is allowed for all international flights monitored by Delta’s joint venture partners and codeshare (as long as Delta has issued the ticket).
  • The waiver is only for tickets issued by Delta Airlines. So, if you have bought a Delta ticket via a third party, refer to the ‘Flight Change Policy’ of Delta Airlines to find out if you are eligible for a flight change for free.
  • You won’t have o pay any change fee if your flight is between Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean (including Delta’s Basic Economy tickets that are booked up to 30th April 2021).
  • You can make changes to refundable tickets anytime up to a day (24 hours) before the flight’s scheduled departure. However, you have to pay the fare difference (if any).
  • There is no change fee for award tickets (as long as the traveler does the change before the flight’s departure:
  • On international flights from North America
  • Within the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States.
  • Same-day changes (that is, within a day of departure) are allowed within Puerto Rico, USVI, and the United States for a dee (the minimum fee is USD 75).
  • Same-day flight alterations are complimentary for Platinum, Gold, and Diamond Medallion members. Basic Economy tickets and international flight tickets are not eligible for changes on the same day. For more information, check the section ‘Same Day Flight Change Policy’ elaborated below.
  • The expiry date for any ticket bought in/ expiring in 2021 has now been extended by Delta Airlines till December 31, 2022.
  • When the changes in a booking are done online, the revised date/ destination/ time will apply to all tickets in that booking.
  • If you wish to change a Delta ticket that you bought from a third party, the third party may charge an additional fee.

Call the change flight contact number of Delta Airlines to clear your doubts or ask for assistance.

Cost of Changing a Delta Airlines’ Flight

If the flight you’ve booked doesn’t fall under Delta’s change fee waiver, you must pay the cost of the change. The flight change fee remains between USD 200 and USD 500 (based on your route). Keep in mind that Delta Airlines doesn’t permit the change of Basic Economy tickets (unless they qualify for a travel waiver, or you cancel the ticket within 24 hours and rebook another one that suits your preferences).

Change Fee Waiver by Delta Airlines for Basic Economy Passengers

Delta Airlines has decided to waive the flight change fee for Basic Economy tickets. Even if Basic Economy tickets are generally not changeable, it is possible to make alterations to a Basic Economy ticket without having to pay the flight change:

If you know your travel dates, you can rebook a different ticket after canceling the first one within 24 hours. Alternatively, if you cancel it and rebook another one by December 31, 2021, you travel anytime before December 31, 2022. When the new flight is less expensive than the original flight, Delta Airlines will give a credit equal to the fare difference. You can redeem the e-Credit for future bookings. When the newly booked flight is costlier, the fare difference must be paid by the traveler.

Note: The 2021 Changeability Waiver for Basic Economy tickets is temporary, and it applies to all Basic Economy tickets.

Flight Change Policy of Delta Airlines – the Caribbean and North America

Passengers can change any ticket (other than Basic Economy tickets) without paying a flight change fee. This policy applies to:

  • Basic Economy Tickets falling under 2021 Basic Economy Changeability Waiver of Delta Airlines
  • Flight tickets that are from North America to any foreign destination
  • Flights that are from the Caribbean to Mexico and North America (both ways)

Flight Change Policy of Delta Airlines – outside of N. America

Delta Airlines has temporarily eliminated the flight change fee for all flights that originate outside of N. America (if they were bought after or on May 1, 2021). This means you are allowed to change your flight for free even if it originates in someplace outside of the USA. The change waiver is given by Delta to all classes (barring Basic Economy). However, you can make changes on select Basic Economy tickets for a fee (as mentioned in the instructions on your ticket).

Same Day Flight Change Policy of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines allows a passenger to change their flight ticket and board a different flight within 24 hours of the previously scheduled time of departure. However, same-day changes can take place only if seats are available:

  • Within the same route and class of travel on the Main Cabin
  • Online at the time of check-in or through the mobile app of Delta Airlines, Fly Delta (based on availability)
  • To flights within Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the United States

Exceptions: You cannot make same-day flight alterations to:

  1. International routes
  2. Basic Economy tickets
  3. Destination/ origin cities or different airports in the same city (JFK to LGA)

Same-Day Standby Upgrades by Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers a ‘Same-Day Standby Upgrade’ option that allows travelers to upgrade a seat by paying for a seat (based on the availability of better seats). This option is valid:

  • From/ to St. Thomas (the US Virgin Islands), Nassau (in the Bahamas), Los Cabos (in Mexico), Bermuda, Aruba, Grand Canyon (in the Cayman Islands), San Juan (in Puerto Rico), Montego Bay (in Jamaica), and Providenciales (Caicos and Turks)
  • For flights within N. America (but excluding JFK- LAX and JFK- SFO
  • Between Atlanta and St. Maarten, Costa Rica, and St. Lucia
  • Between Cancun (in Mexico) and Memphis, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Atlanta

Changing your Delta non-refundable flight tickets

If you want to change your non-refundable air ticket and your ticket does not qualify for a flight waiver, Delta Airlines will charge a flight change fee that ranges anywhere between USD 0 and USD 500 (based on your route). You will also have to pay the fare difference (if the new flight costs more).

Changes won’t be possible if yours is a Basic Economy ticket and it does not fall under Delta’s Basic Economy waiver (applicable to tickets purchased prior to April 30, 2021, or on any date between May 1, 2021, and Dec 31, 2021 (provided that those tickets are re-issued before/ on Dec 31, 2021 for travel before Dec 31, 2022.

Steps to make changes in your Delta Airline ticket

You can change a flight ticket on Delta Airlines online, by phone, or at one of Delta Airlines’ sales counters. To change your flight by phone, call the ‘change flight’ contact number of the airline (toll-free in Canada and the USA) or the number as per your city.

Changing a flight is quick and easy if you visit Delta Airlines’ official website. You can use the site to:

  • Change the destination or origin of your flight
  • Change the day, date, or time of your trip

Follow these steps and change your flight in a hassle-free manner:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the option ‘My Trips’
  3. Enter your Debit/ Credit Card number, Confirmation Number, Last and First Name, or Ticket Number
  4. Choose the option ‘Find My Trip’
  5. Select the flight you need to change
  6. You will get the option ‘Modify Flight’. From there you can edit the changes.
  7. Go ahead and book your new flight

Changing a Delta Award Ticket

You can change your Award ticket on Delta Airlines from the official website. The refund may take some hours to reflect in your account. The procedure is explained below.

  1. Open on your web browser
  2. Log in and click on ‘My Trips’
  3. Choose the flight you wish to change
  4. Select the option ‘Modify Flight’
  5. From the ‘Start Flight Change’ option, you can select a new flight
  6. Complete the checkout
  7. If there is any fare difference, pay it
  8. Receive the confirmation on your registered email address

Note: You won’t be able to change or get a refund for your Award ticket it is of Basic Economy class and the 24-hour window closes. Contact Delta Airlines if you require more information or guidance.

Flight Change Tips for all types of tickets

  • If a passenger doesn’t cancel or change the ticket before the flight’s scheduled departure, there will be no remaining value once the flight takes off.
  • If the new flight costs less than the original one, Delta Airlines will refund the fare difference as credit that you can use in the future.
  • Changing a Basic Economy ticket is not permitted unless it is eligible for Delta’s Basic Economy waiver.
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