Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy

New Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

The revised Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy has lured more customers to this airline because it’s lenient and non-restrictive. As you will find out soon, all passengers, including non-refundable ticket holders, can cancel their flight under understandable circumstances.

Let’s chew over Lufthansa’s cancellation guidelines and procedure for future reference.

Is a Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Cancellable On the Website?

Yes, it is! Lufthansa’s cancellation policy suggests the below procedure for a passenger to revoke their ticket online.

  • Access Lufthansa’s website and click the main menu
  • Expand the ‘Manage’ drop-down menu
  • Click the ‘Cancellation & Refund’ link
  • Click the ‘My Booking’ link to log in with your Lufthansa ticket reference and last name.
  • Tap the ‘Cancellation’ button
  • Select the Lufthansa ticket you wish to cancel
  • G.   Confirm your decision to cancel your existing Lufthansa flight

Lufthansa’s refund office will email you the ticket confirmation message and send you the refund on time.

Lufthansa Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa’s policy for canceling tickets lets ticket owners nullify their reservations on the same day. Here’s the juicy part-no fee applies to all passengers who revoke their tickets within this period.

Can I Cancel My Lufthansa Flight at the Airport?

Sure, you can! Lufthansa’s cancel flight policy okays various offline ticket cancellation options, such as visiting your airport of origin. Ask the security officer to direct you to Lufthansa’s ticket counter to present your request.

The assistant at the airport ticket counter needs your boarding pass to process your request.

Lufthansa Airlines’ Cancellation Penalty

Lufthansa’s flight cancellation policy charges each client a minimum service fee of USD150 to cancel a domestic flight. The service charge can be USD 200 or more for an international Lufthansa Airlines ticket.

Are Non-Refundable Lufthansa Tickets Cancellable?

Yes, they are! However, Lufthansa’s ticket cancellation policy restricts circumstances under which you can call off such a reservation. For example, such a flight is cancellable if you request this assistance on the same day.

Similarly, Lufthansa officials can cancel these reservations after getting a weather or mechanical issue alert. Therefore, the ticket owners can seek a full refund to purchase an alternative Lufthansa flight.

Lufthansa Cancellation Policy Refund 2024

Based on the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy, officials subtract a penalty before refunding all eligible passengers. Technically, this policy applies to refundable Lufthansa tickets, as the rest are non-cancellable and thus non-refundable.

Refund Policy for Non-refundable Lufthansa Air Tickets

Although these reservations are non-refundable, you can cancel them under unique circumstances. Lufthansa’s refund office sends eligible passenger travel credits as a reimbursement after refund processing.

Customers who insist on canceling their non-refundable under other circumstances risk losing money. The refund team deducts the flight fee (the entire amount) as the ticket cancellation service fee.

Therefore, contact Lufthansa customer service before canceling such a reservation to know if your reason is convincing enough to the assistants.

When Am I Eligible for a Full Refund for My Canceled Lufthansa Ticket?

The refund clause of the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy okays full repayment under the below circumstances.

  1. A passenger who cancels their reservation in 24 hours can get full repayment.
  2. A person can seek a 100 percent refund when Lufthansa officials cancel their ticket without replacing it.
  3. Passengers are eligible for 100 percent reimbursement if Lufthansa changes the flight time unannounced.
  4. Travelers deserve the same if Lufthansa officials change arrival time by 2 hours or more.
  5. A person can seek a full refund if they missed their flight due to sickness or the death of a relative.


If you’ve read the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy, you know it treats all customers equally to ensure they feel loved. For example, third-party Lufthansa ticket owners can cancel such reservations by calling the agency.

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